GTA 5 ONLINE HEIST VEHICLES – NEW APC Tank, Hydra Jet, Hunter Chopper & MORE! (GTA 5 Heist Cars)

GTA 5 ONLINE HEIST VEHICLES – NEW APC Tank, Hydra Jet, Hunter Chopper & MORE! (GTA 5 Heist Cars)

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  1. There was a new car in the trailer too. It looks like a hybrid of the
    Mitsubishi Evo 10 and the 2015 Subaru WRX STi

  2. 1. Its not the hunter its A Hind russian.
    2. Its SUCKS that i dont have any friends to play with in these rebels
    choppers and cars!!!!

  3. Ross I think that car you say is the obey tailgater is a new car that looks
    like a Mitsubishi evo, I’m sure I saw a screenshot of it. Sorry for my
    English and greetings from Argentina!

  4. An armored Tailgater? Ross.. that’s not a Tailgater, That’s a new vehicle
    included on the update that looks a lot like the Mitsubishi Lancer!

  5. The Huey is from vietnam, not the Blackhawk. You can easily tell that it’s
    not the blackhawk because the blackhawk has wheels for landing gear, not
    skids that the huey has 

  6. it is really funny how most of the gta v youtubers dont know anything about
    3:50 that is a huey hellicopter entirely different from a black hawk there
    is like 20 years between them
    and the the ”hunter” is a mil mi 24 hind the comment on that was look at
    those huge missile’s i could not breath i was laughing so hard mr boss
    those a called missile pods they carry smaller ones
    with all respect +MrBossFTW keep up the good work

  7. Can’t wait to buy the rebel ,
    My checklist :

    That suv with the gun
    The helicopter with 2 missiles
    The rebel with the huge gun 

  8. Ross, you really don’t get it.
    Heists was supposed to be released twice now. And they said the next update
    and that update is with the snow, but no Heists. So, that’s a lie right
    there (again). Besides, we were shown these same kinds of things for Heists
    before, and obviously it just got pushed back further. Just because we see
    something doesn’t mean we’ll get it. WHEN you get to PLAY it, then you can
    be excited. But Rockstar has a track record, with Heists especially, of not
    exactly getting things out on time. If they didn’t have big things like
    this until it comes out, then there would be no need to worry about wither
    or not it’s ready to go.
    And people will say “Well they wouldn’t reveal heists if they weren’t ready
    to put it in GTAO yet.” But they have done this trick before, and obviously
    it just got delayed for another 6 months. Do I believe they will come out?
    Yeah, I do. But they said the next update, and now they are going back on
    that word and pushing it back to 2015.
    And you are saying that the Hydra is “confirmed”? No it’s not! This
    aircraft was in multiple trailers for GTA 5 in the past. You yourself have
    admitted to that in Squad casts and in your own videos in the past. But now
    that Rockstar “promises” that Heists will be here soon, and it happens to
    be in another trailer, you automatically think that it has to be
    “confirmed”. Why do people always say “confirmed”? It’s not confirmed until
    we see it ourselves and have proof. And this trailer showing what it does
    is not proof, especially with Rockstar doing the same thing in the past on
    multiple occasions and then not following through.
    Honestly, I am not even that hyped for Heists anymore. It’s been delayed so
    much that most people see it as something else to do, not something they
    bought the game (twice!) for. And given how Rockstar has been putting
    people in the cheater pool like crazy lately, and in event and DLC
    weekends, I probably won’t even play Heists until it’s been out for a
    while. Otherwise I’ll just get put into the bad sport pool for something
    stupid like lagging out of a server when there’s a snowstorm. And most of
    the people I’ve played with recently don’t really care that much. They have
    shark cards, they have modded lobbies, they are rank 300 something. They
    don’t need Heists to have fun. They’ve done it for a year now and they just
    lost interest in Heists. That was supposed to help them get money, and rank
    up. They already have all that now thanks to Rockstar adding that in while
    everyone was waiting. Now most people just see it as something new to do.
    It’s been a long wait and a lot of people just don’t care all that much

  9. That’s not an APC tank, it is an armored SUV based on the Gurkha RPV.
    How does that look like any sort of tank. Fucking idiot.

    Nothing like a Black Hawk, that’s the Annihilator. Dude research this shit
    rather than talking out your ass.

  10. As long as that 50. Cal turret is a customization for your truck, im good.
    Its the last step for making my kalahari into a near replica WWII jeep ^w^

  11. That car looks like a modified marauder, and the helicopter is a Huey not a
    Black Hawk and i hope that isn’t a hunter because the hunter is modeled
    after the Apache and that in the trailer looks like more of a Hind!