GTA 5 Online Heists New Gameplay Details! Release Date, Weapons, & Hydra, Hunter! (PS4 Xbox One PC)

GTA 5 Online Heists New Gameplay Details! Release Date, Weapons, & Hydra, Hunter! (PS4 Xbox One PC)

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  1. Every single detail revealed about GTA Online HEISTS! Total game length,
    release date window, and more!

  2. Does anyone wanna play with me? I’m on PS4, my Username is Kanga_Bro.
    I play fairly and will give a good cut!

  3. Open world games can you plz play with me most you tubers just ignore me.
    Other players if you want to play with me that fine. Reply if you want to
    friend me

  4. Who wants me to be the leader for 1, let me make some money then ill help u
    howmuch ever u want in heist 🙂 I’m on Xbox 360 by the way message me on
    gmail or here ill get back to you 

  5. Are you going to play on PC? If so, my steam is: ACiD.RAiN
    Please do not try to brute-force my password..

  6. Way too hyped for this! If anyone wants to see gameplay of Heists when it
    comes out, check my channel out! I will be getting an Elgato and going to
    be recording it on Next-Gen. See ya there!

  7. The leader gets 55%? That’s not fair if you have 3 friends, Why dont all of
    the players get 25%? Because that’s just gonna start argument, I can see if
    your allowed more than 4 players it would be harder to average out. But me
    personally (If I’m leader) will take the smallest cut because I am very
    rich on GTA and I want everyone to be happy, also Merry Christmas.

  8. I don’t really know if I like the idea of the host leader splitting the cut
    in a random session because there will be some Mexican kid who will take a
    95% percent cut. I believe it might be better if we had a voting screen to
    see who got the biggest cut, instead of one person deciding.

  9. Will they add the heists for ps3 and xbox 360 players?Because i can’t
    afford a ps4,and yeah.Please,i can’t wait for this patch!And please tell
    me,will they add first person?Coz i can’t see what can this 1 cause frame
    rate issues,it’s just animations and camera,no better graphics at all!

  10. Hey I just wanted to tell you that I have xbox one and when heist releases
    I won’t have anybody to play it with and I am a level 70 my gamer tag is
    CT3Chalice and I will appreciate it if you will play it with me.

  11. Im worried about that one ass wipe who is just going shoot sonething when
    we planned going quietly if you play payday 2 then you know that ass who
    just straight up shoot somebody then the cops starts coming thier way

  12. Heists is going to be over anticipated, yeah a lot of new automobiles and
    weapons which is going to be amazing but really we waited over a year for
    just 20 hours of game play….Really, you only have to be level 12 so it
    can’t be too difficult. Deciding the payouts for ever is going to piss
    people off if the leader get three times as much as anyone else, no one is
    going to join you. My guess for the release date like some time in the
    summer don’t believe when rockstar says something the unreliable