GTA 5 Online HEISTS REVEALED! – Inside Gaming Daily

GTA 5 Online HEISTS REVEALED! – Inside Gaming Daily

24 Responses to GTA 5 Online HEISTS REVEALED! – Inside Gaming Daily

  1. PS4 is dogshit. The Xbox One is better in every way. Not only is it getting
    exclusives such as Half Life 3 and Fallout 4, but it is simply the far
    better console. All sony is good for is getting hacked and starting wars.
    Sony is pathetic.

  2. I knew that’s what they were going to do, its bad enough we had to pay 60
    bucks to be beta testers then wait a damn year for the heists that were
    constantly promised to us and then never came. Then we made them, what was
    it? like 5 billion within the first week on last gen and they couldn’t even
    give us the next gen copy for free?

  3. It pisses me off that these anime trolls are here starting fucking console
    wars and people like them to get it to the top of the comment section.
    Sometimes the gaming community sickens me

  4. I stare out my window late at night, pressing my hand softly against it,
    thinking about all the joy we gamers can have if we didn’t constantly fight
    over a box that plays games. Someday we’ll all be able to love each other.
    In harmony.

    Sincerely, Barack Hussein Obama Jr.


  5. NEWS STORY FOR WEDNESDAY! : Lizard Squad (LOL the name) has been taken down
    and the members have been revealed

  6. PC: PC MASTER RACE!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS4: xbox one is for children
    Xbox One: Indiestation 4
    Wii U: We got Smash Bros

  7. I don’t know why I even bother to read the comments anymore. It is only
    machinima just block all this people? And why are these trolls getting

  8. Why do people still think rock star are great
    This was meant to be something included in the game yet like 2 years later
    they decide to bring it out
    It’s just not on really
    They did false advertising
    They never said oh you’ll have to wait till 2015 to play it
    I bought the game for heists now it’s too late as I don’t play gta v on my
    Xbox anymore as my friends have moved to Xbox 1 and I’m on ps4 

  9. One day we’ll be able to play on the Universal Console


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  10. GTA 5 was released September 17 2013. It took them a year and 2 months to
    show us gameplay.

    What the actual fuck! 

  11. My theory of why they didn’t release them is greed. Heists are supposed to
    have high pay outs. They were making buckets of money on the games micro
    transactions. Releasing heists would have taken away some of their

  12. These anime trolls are no life virgins.They are pathetic losers.They try so
    hard to be accepted.Only losers like their comments.It is sad,they actually
    think they’re funny.No one thinks they’re funny,and no one likes them.Fuck
    them,and fuck the fake anime trolls.I’m looking at you fake goku.

  13. What the fuck is wrong with the comment section? How do you go from talking
    about GTAV to talking about your console/PC? Logic there doesn’t make
    sense, nor does any one actually give a fuck.

  14. Wouldn’t it be cool if they had team heists,
    Here Goes:
    12 players in total,
    8 original players, with 2 co-leaders,
    Team splits in half little before heist,after the planning due to a debate
    or whatever,
    Team of CROOKED COPS, with 4 OTHER players get intel on the heist,
    Heist starts, and you have 2 teams trying to kill each other for the cash,
    WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, crooked cops WITH POLICE ON THEIR SIDE,want it to,
    The 2 split heist groups both want the $$, they can kill each other OR
    STEAL what they can from the other team,
    THE POLICE with the CROOKED COPS are trying to stop them as well,
    Heist teams can steal what they can, crooked cops can also take the cash
    and “store it as evidence” A.K.A. STEAL IT .

    And that’s pretty much it, there are going to be 5 (i think it was) heists
    that are coming out, it’d be cool if ONE of them was how i explained it,
    and maybe make it harder to kill other players (no aimbot, increased damage
    resistance/armor, STICKY BOMB TIMER/ no immediate c4 explosion) so one team
    cant kill the other so fast, and maybe add DECISIONS that can change the
    OUTCOME of the heist (such as sacrificing a teammate, taking certain
    routes,OR being able to SURRENDER to the crooked cops when at certain death
    OR EVEN RE-UNITING the split team when you guys realize all 8 wont survive

    Anyways thats all I can think of as of now, Suggestions? Ideas? Opinions?
    Let me know!