GTA 5 Online Hidden Cops N Crooks Menu Found! (GTA 5 Online CNC Mode Leaked DLC Info)

GTA 5 Online Hidden Cops N Crooks Menu Found! (GTA 5 Online CNC Mode Leaked DLC Info)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Hidden Cops N Crooks Menu Found! (GTA 5 Online CNC Mode Leaked DLC Info)

  1. Dude can you at least give us some info that we don’t know already? Damn
    bro, you thirsty for that YouTube monay

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  4. Honestly this guy is one of the biggest view whore there is on YouTube. You
    were a good YouTuber when you first started but now all you seem to do is
    make bs videos just to gain views. %90 of your videos is about heist leaked
    info that wr already know. Yet you still upload it. You are one of the
    worst YouTuber that just this for the money. 

  5. i am confused you can pick to be a cop when you create your person when you
    first do online or what……….. 

  6. There could be, there may be, perhaps rockstar may. It’s all we ever hear
    from your videos, there’s no solid proof in any of these videos that the
    ‘information’ that has been ‘leaked’ is legitimate. You are basically
    exploiting your subscriber base to make quick and easy money. I think I’m
    going to start writing bullshit code in notepad, post it to Twitter and let
    you ‘report’ on my ‘code’ too.

  7. Honestly I don’t think anyone even cares at all dude, no one cares about
    what “might” be or what may be “leaked” information on GTA 5. Most people
    are getting annoyed with these stupid “Leaked DLC” videos. You used to be a
    great YouTuber but now your videos are getting a little too much. Annoying,
    cause no one cares about DLC or an “leaked” information. We rather just
    wait for it to be OFFICIALLY annoucned by ROCKSTAR rather than to listen to
    what people think or their thoughts on so called “leaked” information. Its
    not even confrimed yet and neither do we care much for it.. Honestly no one
    really cares for these types of things, if they are announced by ROCKSTAR
    then we will all be happy and have our thoughts on it. But when we hear
    someone else who isn’t ROCKSTAR we find it annoying and pretty pointless.
    I’m not saying you are a bad YouTuber but these so called “leaked’ video
    information is getting on people’s nerves cause no one really cares since
    its not official.

  8. Wanted DLC… (I don’t even want heist anymore)
    1:Greaser/ 50’s with hot rods, chopper bikes and new leather jackets
    2: Police/Emergency with cop cars and uniforms of police, ems, fire
    3:Zombie (have the whole city in riot mod with zombies and random fires
    with blood and cars every where for like one week) with anti-zombie cars
    and trucks with new guns and melee, new masks and clothes.
    4:military so have new guns and vehicles but have army, navy, marines, and
    Air Force vehicles and clothes.
    5:Rockstar Creation where you have masks, guns and and clothes from
    previous R* tittles like Red Died, old GTAs, Manhunt, etc.
    Sooo with that. I think that will be best.

  9. Well if they added Cops and Crooks I wold definitely start playing again if
    it’s any good as for Rockstar I’ve honestly lost all hope in them because
    of Heist in my opinion all it is is a tease like a dino/zombie mode in BF
    they’ve been talking about it since about day one i think and its been like
    what a year and a half? Are they making a whole nother game or something I
    defended them for about 6-8 months understanding it takes a while to get it
    right but at this point I honestly won’t even be the slightest bit excited
    if it comes out

  10. i think we are going to receive thid dlc before the realease of gta 5 on pc
    and the heist dlc,so we will not get bored until they finish heits and the
    pc version.
    also i hate you are doing leaks because this dlc was supposed to be a
    surprise and now,with all your leaks(you,granty noughtpointfour etc.)it
    wont be a surprise because you’ll leak everything until then.