GTA 5 Online: How To Get The Military “Fighter Jet” From Fort Zancudo (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online: How To Get The Military “Fighter Jet” From Fort Zancudo (GTA V)

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  1. When leaving in the jet, one other jet takes off to come after you. You can
    dodge him out because after he launches his first set of missiles at you he
    just flips you off and then fucks off and leaves it to the police. But it’s
    just another fighter jet.

  2. Everyone is saying it was a missile. I completely disagree. Why?
    Because if it were to be a missile, you would see it, so my guess, is it
    was the P-996 LAZER’s Machine Gun. Since the Machine Gun is using explosive
    rounds, not normal ones. Or it was a Tank, since Tanks, are aimboters.

  3. Click LS (XBOX) to put up your landing gear. It’s faster and much more

  4. an easy way is to get a helicopter then call lester and choose the cops
    turning a blind eye

  5. It wasn’t another jet it was a tank when you fly it’s easier for them to
    shoot you

  6. It was a missile because when I re-spawned, I saw a military jet flying
    around in the air. And again another time I held the RS button to see
    whether a jet comes behind me, and I see a P-966 LAZER spawn behind me and
    destroy me. Can’t get the jet anymore :(

  7. There’s a glitch that the other jet will following u and will keep killing
    u unless it’s destroy that’s one reason if not I means there are the other
    jet behind u and they they shot u

  8. ya it so was a tank wen i go there there like 2 or 3 tanks and they allway
    get me right i get in the jet 

  9. The jet blows up because the other jet used its cannon and the cannon is
    very powerful and can rip thru anything it runs into

  10. +MrBossFTW just fyi you probably figured it out by now but might as well
    explain for everybody else to understand. The army base is a no fly zone so
    as long as you take off fly out of the fort and stay low to the ground
    their heat seeking missles cannot detect the aircraft therefore the jet
    will not be shot down. After your get further away from the base u can go
    as high up into the air as u want. But the key is to stay low to stay off
    the radar to avoid being shot down….

  11. The reason your jet exploded is because there is another jet behind you and
    shooting you with homing missiles