GTA 5 Online How to Setup Heists Using Lester Information! (GTA 5 Heist DLC)

GTA 5 Online How to Setup Heists Using Lester Information! (GTA 5 Heist DLC)

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  1. Something I meant to upload a while ago but thought I should make it public
    for those that do not know this awesome info! *GTA 5 Heists*


  3. Omg not rank 12, those low levels will ruin the heists due to their lack of
    skills, weapons and their low health levels, why not make it rank 80

  4. I bet I would be one of the 7 people in Gta Online to give out a fair cut
    in heists if I was the leader

  5. Hi I’m a falcon add me on ps3 danyPERAdude I’m in a bankrupt right know add
    me so be can do heists plz btw im a gtreat driver I’m geting my mike soon
    so be can talk I live I canada and I have olny 36 friends I love birds and

  6. Rank 12 players would ruin heist cause of their lack of skills and low
    health. Why not have Rank 80+ players instead?

  7. Fuckkk level 12. I think it dhould be level 100 and higher. Leader should
    be level 200 and over.

  8. Not that high level (about 15) I have all the weponds for my level and am
    good with driving and blowing sh*t up. have an adder zentorno and a bunch
    of other fast cars.
    Haven’t been able to play gta for awhile.

    Specialise in driving and explosives.
    Psn: Da_Only_NinjaHam

  9. I am level 160 and am recruiting a crew with level over 100 and k/d over 1
    and must be on ps4. Comment back to me if you want to do heists with me. I
    am doing this so no noobs are playing heists with me

  10. My gamer tag is cimbleblock havn’t been playing gta v online for a while
    but I managed to get over level 12 and if u are looking to recruit people
    count me in

  11. I currently am level 69 and have $7,500,000. I bought Shark Cards! Add me
    on PS4 only Fastcar95959595. I make YouTube videos so I need pros level 50
    and up with a good mic. Only 5 people can be added. We are the elite bank
    robbers. lol

  12. rank 12; low health, low skills, not good driving, possibly not good at
    shooting (skill), and if having THEIR own custom guns probably low ammo
    unless you have GTA hacked or you bashed high paid missions, I would do
    Rank 80+ or Rank 50+ to be fair
    This is how I would do it
    3 people (including you)
    You (leader) 50% (if your planning and shit)
    Friend, Randomers 25%
    Randomer, Friend 25%
    or you could raise those percentages depending on what they do.
    4 people (including you)
    You (leader) (??%)
    friend, randomers (??%)
    Friend, randomers (??%)
    Friend, randomers (??%)
    You choose your own percentage, one friend or randomers may have a higher
    percentage than the other because of what job they do,
    I would do harder the heist higher the level like
    Maze Bank maybe 130+ or 150+
    And if you guys actually did rob the maze bank mission on single player
    have the amount of people that they hard but possibly charge in and go in
    from the bank and take the vault.
    If they do Maze Bank as a heist mission I would say do this
    Maze Bank: (money) $10M $20M but split with group.
    Anywayy that’s how I would think of doing the heist percentages or what the
    level is required to be starting heists anyway.

  13. I have a modified turismo and all guns available by default and by
    permanent dlc level 73 ps4

  14. thanks for the information. But just saying what car will u drive in the
    heist? In 4 door cars are so slow in will the po po we after us in the

  15. PS4- omgfunnycows
    Rank 145
    Also have a crew called Original Mint. Small crew of myself and a few good
    friends. We’re pretty laid back and all for good humor, but we are down for
    heists and overall getting shit done.

    Crew is open to join and just let me know your gamer ID if you are wanting
    to do heists.