GTA 5 Online – Instant Reload Glitch Online! Secret Reload Weapons Trick! “GTA 5 Tricks”

GTA 5 Online – Instant Reload Glitch Online! Secret Reload Weapons Trick! “GTA 5 Tricks”

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  2. Waste of time, it takes the same amount of time to reload and switch back
    to the gun you were once using lol

  3. This is not an instant reload! Not a glitch! This is useless. Oh look I
    saved 2 seconds reloading. Come on guys. 

  4. Luke you realize you can also do this except instead of switching you can
    use a car? You just stand next to a car and after firing the musket tap y
    to get in the car but then use the analog stuck to cancel out and your gun
    will be reloaded automatically…

  5. I’m sorry, but this was just found. I’ve been doing this for ages now, I
    even did it in my early funny moments xD when online wasn’t a thing

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  12. Very beautiful video Luke! One of the greatest commentaries I’ve heard that
    will inspire a lot of people to go back to zombies, because it definitely
    inspired me to go back to zombies. Literally the best commentary!! You
    bring back memories man. :)