GTA 5 Online – LEAKED DLC Weapons! Heist Mask & More! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online – LEAKED DLC Weapons! Heist Mask & More! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. I just smacked that like button so hard my screen cracked I need to go best
    buy to get a new one not joking

  2. 5559555555999995595595599999555555555595555

    Step 1 : Highlight all the numbers
    Step 2 : ctrl + F
    Step 3 : Type in 9
    Step 4 : Read message

  3. hey lispyjimmy, Do you ever think we will get a biker dlc like the lost and
    damned? would really like to see things like doublebarrelshotguns and more
    harley-davidson type of bikes

  4. Okay, please, STOP saying it’s a new next gen sniper Have you seen the
    hunting missions with Cletus? It is the DEFAULT sniper, but with NO SCOPE.

  5. That sniper is just the default one you get but just without the scope, fed
    up of GTA you-tubers using this for video information. Just goes to show
    that they don’t even take the time to study the info that’s given to them,
    straight to cheap content. 

  6. I really hope you’ve actually played gta jimmy that sniper has been in for
    a ges it’s the average one but the bloke in the trailer has one without a
    scope what he already has in one of Trevor’s strangers and freaks missions
    you you tubers do to mouth fucking speculating rather than researching and
    actually having proof and actually knowing what your talking about instead
    you see a gun what you don’t recognize and SAY HEY GUYS QUICK POOP ON THAT

  7. these weapons were never “leaked”. this video just consists of you talking
    out of your ass on a few weapons that YOU are hoping might come out.
    neither of which will ever come out. the sniper rifle on the wall and in
    the trailer is the EXACT same sniper rifle we have right now. it isnt new.
    and the knife will not come out either. it’s just in the case for cosmetic
    purposes. you’re an idiot if you think that a few posters that have been in
    the game since the start automatically confirm new weapons to be coming
    out. try finding a leaked code or image from the marketplace, and THEN
    we’ll talk about actual leaks, idiot.

  8. that would be sick if u can get that gas mask at 2:16 thats in the display
    case next to the knife sheaths for when the swat or other players throw
    those gas grenades at you.

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