GTA 5 Online Lottery Update & Heist DLC Info! – (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Lottery Update & Heist DLC Info! – (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Lottery Update & Heist DLC Info! – (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)

  1. A casino update would be unreal like you could go on a slot machine and a
    jackpot could be an adder and it could be the centre piece in the casino :D

  2. im really tired of DLC info, leaked dlc stuff, hackers, modders, like gta 5
    is dead…. and heist is problably going to be delay for 3 months… and
    then everyone quits gta ….. ah.

  3. Please stop making these fucking videos cuz heist or any dlcs wont be
    coming out.Getting everyones hopes up for no reason.Before anybody tries to
    defend him on this sht just know hes bullshting he has been putting up
    videos that claim dlcs are coming out when he fuxking knows thry wont come

  4. I think a heist will be where you buy a lottery ticket, then do a heist to
    make sure you win. Giving big loot which comes from the lottery. Sort of
    like the single player assassinations with Franklin and the stock market. I
    think i’m on to something here… MAHHM ARE YOU PROUD OF ME?!

  5. I don’t hope the tommygun will come back. I was proud that i was one of the
    only persons having it. Sorry for my bad english.

  6. They are testing 14 months now if they test some stupid game mode 14 months
    how long Will it take to make gta 6 10 years?

  7. They should make the lottery based around the WHOLE GTA 5 community, so the
    chances are about 1 in (how many players purchase the lottery ticket)
    I’m saying, not to have the lottery for just your lobby/yourself. Bu the
    whole gta community, get me?

  8. Everyone stop being nasty to you tubers beacuse they spend a lot of time
    and money doing this for u

  9. In gat China town wars you buy a lottery ticket and scratch it off. Then it
    tells you how much you one. You can choose 4 diff tickets