GTA 5 Online Lui’s Army of Fans and Subscribers vs HECKNN

GTA 5 Online Lui's Army of Fans and Subscribers vs HECKNN

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Lui’s Army of Fans and Subscribers vs HECKNN

  1. I wonder what will happen if Vanoss’ own army of subscribers vs. yours
    decided to kill each other. That would be fun.

  2. hi I’m one of your greatest fans I dress like u in gta 5 my gamertag
    awesomedude2005 p.s. I love your vids please keep on doing those and keep
    on doing stuff that makes us laugh like me:===========)

  3. Lui you should have a army of fans. Vanoss should have a army of
    fans.deliours should have a army of fans and you all should fight in gta

  4. I love your video because you make me laugh so hard my mom was like shut up
    so when she said that I want to wach your wwe game with H20 I don’t know
    how to spell his name so i want to go back and enjoy your video so I my not
    doing anything tonight and tomorrow night I my going to have some fun with
    my family and how about your family what are you going to do with your
    family and friends have a happy birthday and happy holidays ?$ 《》 ★

  5. Ha never going to subscribe to me because I don’t think that I can get the
    best thing to say and I have two accounts for YouTube channels

  6. I love your videos my psn is adolfoadrian12 I dont care if I am in your
    video I just want to play with you that is my dream

  7. Dude lui so much respect for you on this video i wanna see more so many
    subscribers to youtubers ask for game play with them and i very rarely see
    them commit to that good job brother

  8. Lui if you can could you friend request this guy named skyblockwarfare it’s
    my cousin on a Xbox one me and him love your videos. If your friends list
    is full you don’t have to.