GTA 5 Online – Military & Veterans Day DLC Still Possible? GTA 5 Potential Army DLC Talk! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online – Military & Veterans Day DLC Still Possible? GTA 5 Potential Army DLC Talk! (GTA V)

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  1. MrBossFTW that sounds sick dude hope it does come out plus, for next gen
    could you do a like personal review on it like if your getting it why its
    good why its bad etc

  2. I dont think they will come out with it on veterans day because theres
    people in other countrys not just America :/

  3. When Grand Theft Auto V comes out on the current generation, you should do
    speed tests of popular vehicles (Super, sports) and less popular vehicles.
    (Trucks, and that stuff.) The reason being is that there’s speedometers,
    and it’s a valid thing to do. 

  4. I’m in the U.S Army and they better add all types of shit!! I wanna see
    MRAPS, HMMWV’s, Black Hawks, LMTVS STRYKERS. I want to see ACU tops, ACU
    bottoms, Patrol caps, ACH helmets, IOTV vests, IBA vests, Eye pro’s, NBC
    gas masks, Combat boots. I want to see At4s, claymores, stingers. GIVE IT

  5. Waiting for some military outfits in GTA Online + the Hydra, Hunter, and
    Military Humvee type vehicle.

    Also, the SCAR-H that was leaked way back.

  6. Well the LTS DLC was the last DLC that came out, and that was kind of
    military themed, I doubt they’ll do 2 military DLC’s in a row, buy I’m open
    to the possibility.
    Or, better yet, even though I know it won’t happen, release “The Authority
    Pack” that comes with both military and police uniforms/weapons/vehicles.
    IF that happens, I’d be able to forgive R* for the heists delay. 

  7. You speculate waaay tooooo much. Before with the whole Halloween DLC hype,
    that didn’t happen, then with this veterans DLC. Stop with all the
    pointless videos. Like you gotta be a f**ken retard too think we will get a
    dlc that has the hydra and big shit like that, less than a week out before
    next gen.

  8. A military DLC on remberance day? Was this whole video a joke? That would
    NEVER happen and if it did, it would be extremely disrespectful…

  9. Ok I want a mravp, Humvee, an abrams tan,k the hunter and hydra, military
    clothes, ghillie suits, jug armour, an ac130 with guns, and new guns guns
    guns guns. also a belt with a holster and maybe ammo belts and stuff.

  10. There giving heist for current gen,and i wish they had bandans for the
    mouth and noise for heists that will be awsome,But they got it in the story
    mode for Franklin

  11. the flight school dlc was the worst dlc cockstar put into the game. i think
    the beach bum dlc was even better than the flight school.

  12. As we all can see, rockstar didnt release shit, as usual. Fuck this game
    fuck the company and fuck gay ass next gen gta.

  13. this is kinda bullshit mr boss its veterans day and no dlc looks like the
    old consoles have been left behind no sending off with a bang just getting
    screwed by rockstar 

  14. +MrBossFTW Tuesday November the 11th is also Remembrance day in Canada as
    well as England and most other Commonwealth countries (if I remember

    Also, maybe the reason we haven’t gotten a DLC is because they will be
    doing a really epic dlc for the last generation consoles on Tuesday the
    18th. Might it be heists, military dlc, something totally different (yet
    equally awesome)? Who knows (other than rockstar obviously).

  15. dude we dont need this shit all that we need is new airplanes / cars /
    helicopters / weather with snow