GTA 5 Online – MilTruck Massacre [PS4]

GTA 5 Online – MilTruck Massacre [PS4]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – MilTruck Massacre [PS4]

  1. Seeing as turps was in dadchat and evolve will you’d continue the epic
    battle between the DoC and GG

  2. You can hold x while in a vehicle to duck your characters head. It does
    obscure vision and makes you swerve a little though.

  3. you can really see their british habits of getting in the left side of the
    car for the driving seat.

  4. *THANK YOU* Alsmithy for calling it a “magazine” instead of a “clip”, it’s
    always annoying as hell when people use the wrong term.

  5. These videos are becoming incredibly boring please actually do things in
    the open world which is the point of the game

  6. I don’t think you need to reduce the numbers of the SWAT if you just reduce
    their respawn rate or something. That could be interesting, then you kind
    of have to work your way in at the start, and then as the match progresses
    their respawns would be less and less synchronized so you get more of a
    steady supply of them such that it’s not too bad but not too easy either.
    Just my two cents.

  7. Duuude.

    I just watched the latest Cooptional Podcast, and when somebody said “all
    about that bass”, Totalbiscuit responded with “the buttery biscuit base.”

    Confirmed, TB is a hat films fan! 😀 Hat Films podcast guests when?

  8. 6:40 “I have a gunship helicopter! I should land in the middle of the bad
    guys!” I knew you were dead, mate