GTA 5 Online Modded DLC Cars – Possible Heist Mods (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Modded DLC Cars – Possible Heist Mods (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Modded DLC Cars – Possible Heist Mods (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. Lispy man I used to love when you made glitching videos you should bring
    those back those were so awesome like money glitches and insurance glitches
    RP and more plz bring them back not that I don’t love your heist videos
    love those to. 

  2. I think these are fake because how the hell did they spawn then in the game
    if the update didn’t even come out? 

  3. This is fake because the first picture of the three cars the one with the
    gun on the back is just the Dodge Ram and the second pick is the ford with
    a gun. So they both look cool but are just modded stuff in a regular lobby

  4. Seriously if you are a modded stop revealing everything there’s people who
    want to be surprised so please stop sorry if it sound like I’m hating I
    just want everything to be a surprise.

  5. They are all fake if you can tell they jusy modded the vechial and a
    dirtbike with a minigun really use your head

  6. It’s fake look at the way he’s holding the mini gun. All he did was jump in
    the back of the bison pull out a rifle and aim then put the mini gun there
    look at how he’s holding it it just looks dumb as we know how you hold it

  7. bruh wtf yall make me mad when yall write negative comments when he makes a
    video of his thoughts of what he thinks comes to the one game alot of
    people play and yall wonder why people dont be making videos about gta no
    more fuck outta here

  8. That missile truck thing was faked, but the Bison with the mounted gun is
    probably real since we are also getting a Rebel with a mounted gun.

  9. Jimmy please stop making false title pages on the videos they are so
    misleading it’s really making me mad like that Helicopter that had two
    blades and then it turned out to be one that you’ve already showcased
    before and on this one it’s a super car but it’s a truck in the actual
    video please stop it’s making me really really upset

  10. Just saying you should stop posting shit about heists until they come out
    because you have not been going anywhere with subs because its the same
    shit every day and It has been for the past half a year you keep asking for
    likes but you will not get them if you keep talking about heists and half
    the shit you talk about its all fake!!!

    I know it’s your youtube Channel and you can post what you like but just
    trying to help stop talking about heists in every video and you will get
    more subs and likes because if all you do is keep talking about heists
    people are just going to unsub because that’s not what everyone subbed for 

  11. The car fake if you have a view of the other photo the guy release like the
    motorbike with the gun on or a load of toilets in his apartment it’s fake.