GTA 5 Online – NEW DLC Weapons! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online – NEW DLC Weapons! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

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  1. It´s Sunday and just that is depressing but JimJams uploaded so that´s a
    big motha flying plus, what´s up bro? :D

  2. The top one in the picture I believe is the XM25 from Battlefield 4, it has
    3-4 versions and I agree, it is an epic gun. The main version is a air
    burst gun, it blows up behind the enemy, to kill them. Or it can be a
    shotgun type.

  3. Me and a couple of my friends used to be friends with LispyJimmy, before he
    was famous,. On black ops 2 we were all in this clan called UG
    (UnitedGamers) and he had this other youtube channel called United Gaming
    or something like that (long time ago) He was a good frirneds to play with,
    LispyJimmy do you remember this? remember asassain4545, wasn’t that you’re
    old account? If you do guess who I am. I also want to say congratulations
    on your success in YouTube! Keep it up bro! Love your channel. I am not
    here to hate.

  4. I don’t know how anymore weapons are gonna fit on the wall in the
    ammunition its full in GTA online

  5. It’s so awsome how you post your own content and don’t post the same shit
    over and over again like other commentators 

  6. Lol i saw this like a month ago have the pic on snapmatic, i thought i was
    the only one to look at that board seeing weapons i dont rememeber being in

  7. Apart from my display of anger, the second weapon is an assault sniper
    which could be seen in the artwork of the game before it was released. It
    was cut from the game but we got another assault sniper in a later dlc.
    This weapon is now irrelevant.

  8. I think that the programable a.r is the bottom gun because ar15 is the
    platform and the other explosive grande luncher is maybe just going to be
    called the xm25 or airburst
    I don’t know for sure like everyone else but keep cool