GTA 5 Online New Heist Feature ‘Distract Cops’ Lester Ability! (GTA V Heists)

GTA 5 Online New Heist Feature ‘Distract Cops' Lester Ability! (GTA V Heists)

24 Responses to GTA 5 Online New Heist Feature ‘Distract Cops’ Lester Ability! (GTA V Heists)

  1. I really don’t care about heists themselves that much because i already
    have a lot of money. But i’m very excited for the new content. I really
    hope all of the new vehicles you will be able to use them in free mode
    through Pegasus or else heists will kind of be a bummer for me. But as for
    my friends that have no money they are gonna force me to lead some heists
    for them. Hopefully you youtubers are right and it either comes out
    tomorrow or the 3rd

  2. Do you think that hiests will come out tomorrow? It makes sense since its
    the last Tuesday before the pc realese.

  3. Not even hyped for heist maybe so big a a bread crum in HYPETRAIN for
    BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE they have heist from Day1

  4. Heist needs to be singelplayer heist that you needed to do with franklin
    micheal and trevor real indept

  5. Heists are supposedly coming out before pc right? Well seeing that pc is 4
    weeks away that means each weak has a 25% chance of heists releasing
    meaning that there is a 25% chance for tomorrow, 50% next tuesday and
    75-100% the week after that. 

  6. I am fed up with Rockstar, the way they run their company is completely
    unprofessional, they should just sell the game to someone better, someone
    that can take care of the game and keep the community happy.

  7. A year ago i had time to play GTA V online, now i cant play heists because
    i don’t have time anymore