GTA 5 Online: NEW INSANE Convertible Super Cars Idea in GTA 5! (IMAGES)

GTA 5 Online: NEW INSANE Convertible Super Cars Idea in GTA 5! (IMAGES)

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  1. Check out these EPIC Images of Convertible Cars in GTA 5 – Would you want
    them in the game?

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing my concept with the source and my Twitter

    It’s really important to push you guys to subscribe and vote for this idea
    on the rockstar support if and only if you like it and want it to happen

    Thank you for the comment I really appreciate ! Long life to your YT
    Channel ! 

  3. Don’t think they’ll come out as official DLC, mainly because they would
    need a new model of each car and those would take a lot of time…

  4. Do it anyway I have no interest in cod but you can help people out so you
    might as well 

  5. When GTA V “info” was leaked, we heard about opening roofs in cabrios as a
    feature, also that we’ll have massive car modification. So my first thought
    was that we would be able to just have cabrio as a option i Los Santos
    Customs. I hope that this will come someday, because those cars look SICK

  6. looks exactly like the real life cars in convertible form. aventador,
    laferrari and bugatti super sport

  7. Can you please make a video about the race that you were playing in the
    backround with the jumps a gross the lake, i really really want to do that
    race, please set the link in the discription thank you so mutch!!

  8. Nome of these would work as the top would have to be in the back where the
    engine sits, therefore there is no room and would be a pointless design

  9. The adder convertible would only look good if it had a wing (spoiler) on
    the back of it.. Just like a REAL BUGGATI‼️ 

  10. Wtf why bring attention to convertible super cars they should just add real
    muscle car upgrades. Like 1,000 hp muscle cars. Drag racing cars. Like
    enough with super cars add more muscle cars or sports classics or more
    sports cars

  11. i think the cod thing would be cool and it would be good for variety but
    don’t slack off on gta5 content because then none of ur gta fan base can
    complain because they’re still getting what they came for and yea i
    personally would enjoy call of duty content even tho there are so many
    other in that community