GTA 5 Online – New Leaked Army DLC 9 Face Paints, Hydra Jet & Update 1.17 (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online – New Leaked Army DLC 9 Face Paints, Hydra Jet & Update 1.17 (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – New Leaked Army DLC 9 Face Paints, Hydra Jet & Update 1.17 (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

  1. +iCrazyTeddy

    *I leaked this info in your comments on your last video before Chr0m3xMoDz
    even talked about this*

    Read your comments next time and you’ll get the upper hand in uploading
    these leaks first. My comment was the #1 comment with the number of thumbs
    (even more than yours Teddy).

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  3. I hope this isn’t as hyped up as the Flight School DLC. And also that it
    doesn’t disappoint us with missing features. 

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  5. Teddy, you need to know that I really like your videos , but , a new gta
    update has just been released, so why would they create now already a
    source code for a new dlc? Have you ever found a heist source code? And not
    al your “leaked” dlcs have been released (yet). Teddy, I really like your
    videos and stuff, but serious..

  6. i just was thinking you guys know when independece day dlc come out? what
    day july 4 the independece day
    and the flight school update? aviation day right? now check this out there
    will be a dlc on november 11 that day is? veterans day and the update
    will be army DLC or whatever name they put it to it every dlc have a
    special day

  7. I really think that the army DLC will be in September because most
    Americans like me it is a big day when the twin towers and Pentagon were
    attacked and it is a huge day to remember all of our army vets and how they
    risked their lives to save other people:) #TeamTeddy

  8. I hope some time after the Army DLC they release a scep ops DLC with gas
    masks and helicopters with rappelling, New take down Animations, And a new
    gas grenade.

  9. They should add more face beards. It seems as though they have completely
    ignored that area.

  10. My prediction

    Sept – heists for gta v anniversary

    Oct – zombies for Halloween

    Nov – military for Veterans Day (Nov 11)

  11. Ideas. Ability to call for heli in your house and it lands in the roof of
    the apartment building,Spinners like saints row.

  12. This is one of my biggest wishes for GTA 5 😀
    But I hope that this comes with many different awesome stuff (vehicles,
    clothes, aircrafts, etc) Maybe even add a way to get ripped in the game for
    those I’ve seen that really want this.
    It would be even awesome if they also added crouch and prone with this dlc!


  14. +iCrazyTeddy
    Hey man, are you sure these are the first face paints?
    There is make-up that counts as wearable face paint, would be pretty
    awesome to have some military ones though…

    Also that Hydra needs to get its ass in GTA Online already. Gonna subscribe
    since these leaks are mostly accurate ;)

  15. Wtf This is stupid why you put 1.17 youtubers need to stop and think next
    month ain’t November yes that DLC will come out Nov 11 but it will be 1.19
    dumb ass not 1.17 get your facts right there are updates every month and
    there are two befor November. I rest my case 

  16. heist would help us make money faster. Then we will not have anything to
    spend it on and nothing to do but the same heist over and over again 

  17. I always thought it would be cool for natural disasters to happen, or for
    to have to use gas and fill up at the gas stations. 

  18. It would only be intelligent for them to put a update out on Veteran’s Day,
    regarding whatever it is, but either way they should definitely have a
    update on Veteran day