GTA 5 Online – NEW Monster Truck, Weapons, Cars, & More! (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 Online – NEW Monster Truck, Weapons, Cars, & More! (GTA V Online)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – NEW Monster Truck, Weapons, Cars, & More! (GTA V Online)

  1. I think they will be rewarding PS4 users with some extra stuff, that’s what
    I have heard. I’m definitely getting PS4 because I’m a die hard Playstation
    guy. I have all Playstation systems (yes as well as 1). Can’t wait for next
    gen and for the mods to be out of sight on the next gen as well. Well… at
    least for a while.

  2. I’m still in school and can’t afford to get ps4 thanks a lot rock star for
    remembering those who are on last gen consoles…now we don’t get to enjoy
    the dlc next gen has to offer… I’m done with GTA v -.-

  3. Are you serious I wanted a seaplane so bad for Xbox 360 and I can’t get
    Xbox one so im screwed thanks rockstar for only supplying Xbox one users
    with all of this 

  4. They didnt think about the people who can’t afford a new system we are
    stuck in the dark while next gen gets new stuff thx alot rockstar.

  5. why would they make the dukes look like a fucking zombie apocolypse car.
    thats so shit, they should of kept it stock unless they have just made mods
    on it look like that. thats what i hope coz that look terrible

  6. The problem is that is for next gen systems and some of us don’t see
    anything great other than graphics which is not enough for us to buy. So if
    only for next gen then I see us not playing no more love the game but not
    worth next gen hope to see on other systems 

  7. Why not on current gen?If u can create those goodies for the next gen,y
    can’t for the current gen?is total unfair!

  8. My PC with intel i7 4790k(processor) with noob graphic card, can’t i play
    it >>>>>>>>>>????????????????

  9. Could you please stop wasting the first 30 seconds of every video begging
    for subscribers and likes? It’s annoying. 

  10. LispyJimmy, do you reckon they’ll bring out a halloween dlc. Also when you
    get information that it’s confirmed please make a video about it and what
    we will be getting with that?! I’d love to see that :)

  11. jimmy do you think that the dodo seaplane the dukes o death and the other
    stuff are gonna be on PS3