GTA 5 Online NEW POTENTIAL Heist Related Cars & Vehicles – 6 Possible New Heist Cars! (GTA V Heists)

GTA 5 Online NEW POTENTIAL Heist Related Cars & Vehicles – 6 Possible New Heist Cars! (GTA V Heists)

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  1. if only Rockstar had a tag for every vehicle next to its name like Sports,
    Super, Aircraftor something like that as a type of vehicle.

  2. I hope the hunter or mi24 is better be armored,not like a fucking buzzard
    that someone just found in the streets and add rockets

  3. I’m upgrading my GTX 750 to a 760 to play GTA V on the PC, I’m not buying a
    970 because I don’t want to spend $350 for a $60 game that I already own 2
    times but also because I’m buying Crysis 3

  4. So…the Huey which IS the Barracuda is a possible name for the Guardian?
    And how does a helicopter belong under Vapid which is basically Ford? Ford
    hasn’t produced any helicopters that I know of.

  5. How long are we gonna have to wait for the heist you been on and about it
    for about 4 months now its frustrating. 

  6. +MrBossFTW I think the Lectro is possibly an electric vehicle: Principe
    Lectro is kinda pronounced as Princip Electro

  7. I’m in the bad sport lobby and I don’t understand how I’m in here I did
    nothing wrong can you please help me ! 

  8. I’m sorry but your videos are becoming more pointless… You’ve made, what
    5 other videos saying potential heist cars..

  9. Fuck gta 5 online we bought it on the next Gen for nothing. Don’t be
    surprised if heists get delayed again remember it’s rockstar…

  10. Most youtubers have no idea what they are talking about.
    Mistakes in the video:
    -Its APC not ACP
    -Its not a Huey its the updated version called the UH-1 Venom
    -The Armored truck with the gun on top is not an APC tank, its just an APC
    -The mounted gun on the back of the Karin Reble is not an anti air minigun,
    its a WW2 Heavy Anti Air gun
    -And it was not in this video but Ross says it all the time and it gets
    kind of annoying:
    The website for lower end cars is called Southern San Andreas
    Super Autos not Super San Andreas auto sports

  11. HVY vehicles are those that weight a lot. As icrazyteddy mentioned there is
    another vehicle in GTA that is called HVY cutter. This vehicle is used in
    mining as it grinds the rock it is facing towards. Heavy vehicles are also
    any vehicles which are carrying a lot of load such as a truck that is
    carrying rocks or other vehicles. So taking this into consideration lets
    move on to the definition of insurgent. defined insurgent to be “a person who takes part in an
    uprising or rebellion”. Now we can make a connection between these two as
    many terrorist organizations combine heavy artillery with 4x4s to create a
    mobile monster. Now go onto google images and type in “insurgent car” just
    like that and the first image that will appear is a very karin like car
    with a large gun mounted on the back and a guy sitting in the seat of the
    gun the car itself is brown for those wondering.

    In my opinion I believe that the HVY Insurgent will most likely be the
    vehicle that will contain the large gun attached to the boot and as you can
    see I have provided my evidence as why I think so. Like if you agree and
    comment if you do not and make some suggestions as to what you guys think
    it is.

  12. I find this nonsense, they said its on the iFruit Directory, I went and
    theres nothing on there, I tried searching for it and couldnt find it, so
    pretty much is fake! 

  13. Vapid Guardian – Ford Focus or even two door sports

    I expect lots of sports and super

  14. Rockstar should’ve released the Heist DLC at Christmas. It comes out I
    believe on the 27th, right when most people (Here in Australia anyway) go
    back to School, Work, University etc. The release date is not convenient
    for 90% of the GTA community, but then again if I said anything to Rockstar
    they’d delay it for another year. So many people have stopped playing GTA
    because they’ve taken so long to release these Much-Wanted heists, and all
    these vehicles look AMAZING, but where are they going to be stored if my 2
    garages are full. Everyone will become pissed off and want 3 garages when
    heists are released, therefore NO ONE WINS. Ultimately, these heists are
    becoming so inflated, there’s gonna be a massive anti-climax when they come
    out. RANT OVER.
    -Thanks MrBoss for the upload.