GTA 5 Online – NEW Weapons! “Fireworks Rocket Launcher” & “Musket” Gameplay & Features! (GTA 5 DLC)

GTA 5 Online – NEW Weapons! “Fireworks Rocket Launcher” & “Musket” Gameplay & Features! (GTA 5 DLC)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – NEW Weapons! “Fireworks Rocket Launcher” & “Musket” Gameplay & Features! (GTA 5 DLC)

  1. If you cant keep it then why is it so expensive? It should just be free if
    you cant keep it thats bull crap´╗┐

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  3. Charge 60000 dollars and not allow us to keep the damn thing?! Wtf rockstar´╗┐

  4. The price of the fireworks launcher should be the same as the single player
    it it’s only going to be temporary. Paying $60k to rent a weapon is a

  5. would we be able to get any of this content for the soon to come gta 5 for
    xbox one and ps4???´╗┐

  6. well in my opinion the fireworks rocket launcher isnt really a weapon and i
    dont think they should of charged you so much for something that isnt
    staying,but the musket is a great weapon and im excited that they have put
    it in i do agree with TP it should come with a bayonet that would make it
    way cooler´╗┐

  7. What the fuck Rockstar? Charging over $60,000 and we can’t even keep it? At
    least give the money back or change it so we can keep this thing, otherwise
    it’s just a huge waste :/´╗┐

  8. 120,000 dollar motorcycle, 720,000 Monster truck. 165,000 apartment in the
    hills with the same exact look of one of the 100,000 dollar apartments.
    Seems fair. lol
    The economy system in this game is utter shit, stuff is way to expensive
    for the amount that you can make doing online missions. No shit everyone
    just hacked when this game came out and are still trying to. I feel like
    Heist will also be a let down in the fact that they won’t pay enough money
    and you wont be able to do them as many times as you’d like. This game
    flopped worse then neymar in the world cup.´╗┐

  9. bloody serious??!! then i deeply regret buying the useless fking firework

  10. Oh for fucks sake rockstar! I pay over $60,000 for a weapon which I’m not
    going to keep!? You keep giving us rifles and pistols which all have the
    same feel why not take away that shitty SNS or vintage pistol or any auto
    rifle if you’re running out of space because we have too many of them! It
    was a great change from adding shitty pistols which nobody even uses and
    you take it away because you are money driven whores!´╗┐

  11. & Guys NO ONE buy the new houses the interiors are exactly the same as the
    old apartments. It’s a waste of money. I wish rockstar would just stop
    trying to cheat us out of our hard earned money.´╗┐

  12. Well that’s just stupid the firework gun should of been free wast of money
    so fu rock star I think we should keep it or get are money back ´╗┐

  13. I love the musket. It’s strong and great at a close enough range. The
    reload time is a big setback but it’s historically accurate so that makes
    up for it a bit. I’m just stocking up ammo for it so even the event is over
    I can still use it before I run out of ammo´╗┐

  14. The muskets quite effective but once again rockstar has let us all down
    with overpriced stuff. It forces us to by the shark to earn them more money
    on the highest grossing game ever. WTF?!´╗┐

  15. I want a Winchester they should put it in for celebrating the day red dead
    redemption came out´╗┐

  16. What I don’t understand is HOW people don’t like the content he makes. I
    think it’s informative, good to know and useful.´╗┐

  17. Musket is fun to use. You can kill anyone one shot chest before they’re lvl
    39 and up. ´╗┐

  18. Well that dude was saying some bull because the islets gone but firework
    launchers are in special drops and on sale´╗┐