GTA 5 Online – Police Vehicles & FIB Cars Website Concept Idea! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online – Police Vehicles & FIB Cars Website Concept Idea! (GTA V)

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  1. i always wondered if someone had glitched a police vehicle into their
    garrage earlly on , will the patch have removed their glitched i vehicle??

  2. Guys, incase you don’t know there has never been a GTA game (to my
    knowledge) that allowed you to store or customise a police vehicle,
    although I need a FIB Buffalo for surveillance work in my clan I highly
    doubt this will he implemented

  3. I have no title for this yet feel free to suggest a title

    -V22 Osprey
    -2015 Camaro SS
    -Chevy Silverado
    -2 seat jeep wrangler
    -Merc Jeep Buyable on warstock
    -Dingy Buyable on Boat website
    -Buzzard (No Guns) available on elitas
    -All Cop Vehicles available on a website similar to in this video

    Remington 700
    .357 Magnum

    -Police Outfits
    -Normal LS police
    -Blaine County
    -Security Outfits
    -Security Guards
    -Gruppe 6
    -Combat Outfits
    -Military (Off-duty/Combat Armour)
    -MerryWeather Mercenaries
    -Miscellaneous items:
    -Headsets (Pilot headsets: 3 different variants)
    -Goggles that can be worn with bulletproof helmets
    -Crew Parachutes/Country Parachute Canopys

    Contact Abilities:
    -Advanced Armour Drop: $10000 for a crate with advanced armour to be
    dropped by a Titan
    -APC Pickup: $500 for an APC to pick you up and take you to a destination
    marked on a map
    -Blackout: $1000 for Lester to hack the power grid in a certain vicinity
    of you and turn ALL lights out (Car Lights stay on)
    -Hitman: $2500 for Lester to send a Hitman after the target of your
    choosing. (Armed with a Sniper Rifle)

    -Exit High end apartments via the roof
    -Ability to set your spawn location as Titan where you spawn in the back of
    a Titan and get to jump out and parachute.
    -If you put a mod on a vehicle in the LSC that involves extra lights, the
    extra lights work.

  4. ZOMBIE DLC!!!!
    Can you guys imagine an abandon Los Santos with zombies on the streets?
    Like Walking Dead but you can do what you want, survive with friends or
    your crew, look for supplies, etc.

  5. It would be great if rockstar added flamethrower,chainsaw,m60 machine gun,
    revolver, katana, more sniper rifles,brass knuckles cross bow, pepper spray
    more camos for the weapons like, woodland, red tiger, blue tiger etc

    Toyota ft-1
    dodge ram 1500 Srt8
    ford raptor
    corevette police car
    Lamboghini police car
    Chevy Camaro
    Ford GT
    Lexus LFA

  6. That would be cool, but this is GTA, your the bad guy but, to compromise I
    think maybe we can buy these and have them as Pegasus vehicles. So people
    can be cops when they want to but not everybody’s being a cop

  7. It would be cool if Rockstar came out with an update in which you have 2
    players: One for the usually illegal/criminal career, and a whole other
    themed police career, similar to games like Need for Speed. This way the
    lore of GTA will be kept, but a whole other player base will be created.
    Moreover, instead of having all of your cars in one garage, you can have a
    police career garage (one filled with cop cars/bikes/vans), and one garage
    filled with civilian vehicles. I believe that this idea makes the most
    sense considering you can already have more than one character in the game.

  8. Typical Gamer made the point that your meant to e a criminal in gta online
    trying to be a police officer would contradict that 

  9. I really hope that Rockstar sees this video because this is something I
    HAVE ALWAYS WANTED! I think this website concept is AMAZING. A police dlc
    would be great because everyone loves cop cars. Plus the police cars have
    better handling than the stock modles. I really hope Roackstar sees this
    video because this would probably my second most favorite dlc after hiests.
    I dont think Rockstar is a bad company but they need to listen to the
    community more, this stuff would make them TONS of money and gain them lots
    of popularity. And love the video MrBoss.

  10. They should have an update that incorporates tuner cars. Cool classic tuner
    cars with many customization upgrades. The update would also add stuff like
    twin-turbos and a “Slammed” suspension option. You could also purchase a
    new smg of some sort that would look and shoot great. Maybe a plane or 2
    and clothes.