GTA 5 Online – Possible Plane Takedown Random Events & Missions Coming To GTA Online! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online – Possible Plane Takedown Random Events & Missions Coming To GTA Online! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – Possible Plane Takedown Random Events & Missions Coming To GTA Online! (GTA V)

  1. Does anyone else remember that random event in Single Player over by
    Lesters when there’s a lady screaming for help, so you follow her behind
    the back of a house to find a couple dudes holding guns, ready to rob
    you….. That Bitch!!!!

  2. I think it would be badass if you could do a random event in GTAO where you
    hijack a plane by ramming a cropduster into the back of a military plane
    like Trevor did in GTA V. But then again that is probably something only
    Trevor would be crazy enough to do.

  3. GTA Online really needs more random activities for the current 30 player
    lobbies. More of the armored trucks or crate drop type activities. This
    could come to a good use to lifeinvader when a famous actor or singer posts
    saying they just left for tour or to go on vacation. So the players in the
    lobby must find a heist type van throughout the map. Kind of like San
    Andreas with CJ and Ryder. For 30 player lobbies it sounds foolish for one
    of these events to occur. Two or even three at the same time at certain
    areas on the map to keep things interesting and fun for players. I hate the
    free for alls in front of eclipse towers. 

  4. Random events are in gta online now:
    -armored truck
    -crate drops
    -lester assasination missions in freeroam

  5. You have great imagination you really have but non of those things will
    happen lets be realistic

  6. Anybody on ps4 who have the nemesis bike and want to help me find it? add
    me on psn: IAmSamsquamch

  7. Why do we have to wait almost a minute for you to start talking about the
    actual stuff in the title?

  8. Does anybody wanna play gta in Xbox one. I need to do missions, it would be
    good if you had a mic but it’s ok if you don’t

  9. Now if this does happen, I think I would be more like the kill target from
    lester than a random event like from single player

  10. They need to take away whose blue rings around the map and just activite
    activitys from menu!

  11. Wait. If trevor says “my airfield” or something like that. Gta online hast
    to play AFTER the sp die Story.

  12. In a random mission from Trevor. . You are flying over a train full of
    stolen guns then have to drop a huge bomb. Its the biggest explosion in the
    whole game.

    NEEDs to be in online! Now!
    Even if I had to pay 500,000 for everyone I drop. I admit I would buy up
    mad shark cards to support this habit…

    Next gen looks cool but none of the environment can be destroyed.. in
    theory if I dropped “the big one” and it leveled 2 city blocks. I could see
    myself paying R* for this type of content.

    Gta needs to be more like that game red faction! I want to find a city in
    smoldering ruins when I jump into a lobby people have been having tank

    I think san andreas was the first game we drove a tank straight through
    walls of a building. Why not yet in gta5?

  13. Hi guys. I just purchased a PS4 and I have an Xbox One with GTA 5. If I buy
    it for PS4, can I transfer my character from Xbox One and still play as the
    same character on both consoles?

  14. As an event it would be cool if when you blast open an armored car instead
    of money dropping a swat team would jump out and start shooting at you and
    you sit there like “hey aemoured car!” Blam!!! And then swat pop your tire
    and you fly off a bridge and you’re like (」゚ロ゚)」

  15. please Mr Boss, can you tell how yo can level up fast, and make money fast
    (no cheating!) on GTA online, i got My PS4 just wednesday 

  16. Does anyone know if i transfer mij account from ps3 to ps4, will my races
    be transferred too and if i make a race on ps3, wil i be able to p,ay that
    race on the ps4 too?