Gta 5 Online | PS4 | Car Meet And Cruise #5 (Next Gen, 1.20)

Gta 5 Online | PS4 | Car Meet And Cruise #5 (Next Gen, 1.20)

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  1. Hella-flush, you’re an inspiration to me, as well as a few others, and I’d
    really like to do some meets with you on the ps3. We have 120 members in
    our crew, and we’re called the “NHRacers”. We’re defiantly up for some car
    meets, or perhaps a dual car meet? I have a HDPVR myself, and I record all
    of our meets! No problem if you don’t want to, I just thought I’d ask 🙂
    – This could also help both of us grow insanely, because I’ve gained 25
    members from the last 48 hours, and I have a decent audience on my channel.

  2. This is Grand Theft Auto 5? Why isn’t there anybody stealing each other’s
    vehicles here? Look at all those cars perfectly lined up. It’s the perfect
    place for a multiple grenade attack to have a domino effect of exploding
    cars. How come nobody does that at car meets? I would just to hear people’s
    rage reactions.

  3. It’s hard to find good people who really wanna do this car meet, i still
    couldn’t do it, last time i invited some guys and they turned the car meet
    into a deathmatch …

  4. Hi there everyone if yall enjoy watching other people videos please dont
    forget to visit my channel at As i go live
    on ps4 and dont forget to “follow” me and ill follow back im new to twitch
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  5. So you basically shoot the suspension up until it lowers the car or it
    catches fire basically? Right?

  6. Dude, I’ve been trying to hangout with some guys on GTA and when I go
    online all they do is blow everything on, is there a group that I can join
    to do some car meets?

  7. When’s the next meet?! I’ve been looking for soooo long for people to
    cruise with & show off rides!

    Tarzan8Man is my psn for PS4 & I need cruising buddies! Send me invites &
    meet up with me online!

  8. +hella-flush I am Slammedridesgta on Instagram and I would love to your
    meets sometime. PSN Funatn