GTA 5 Online PS4 Car Meet

GTA 5 Online PS4 Car Meet

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online PS4 Car Meet

  1. Yo add me to make a big car meet psn only ps4 SAVAGE-KILLER727 OR JOIN OR
    CREW WWKS. World wide killers

  2. Yo get some real cars man I can take a shit it will look better than most
    of those cars no offense yo hmu if you want a really good driver, nice
    cars, security for ricing lol, and tell them to lose the custom wheels

    Psn zMHK__ you want be disappointed in me

  3. What crew are you guys in? And whats the color on that Vacca?
    I really wanna join on this, besides shooting stuff, this is the best thing
    you can do in LS with friends!

  4. Great video dude! Is there a chance that I could take part in the next one
    or just cruise? My PSN is davies__98 with two underscores. I also subbed.
    Greater content. 

  5. I Hate when people just throw the most expensive upgrades on their cars and
    they think it looks cool

  6. Hella i love your vids keep it up, how can i get in one of your car meets
    im? I love cruising and drifting please tell me how i can get in a meeting