GTA 5 ONLINE (PS4) | SELFIES ARE AGAINST THE LAW | Grand Theft Auto Funny Moments (1)

GTA 5 ONLINE (PS4) | SELFIES ARE AGAINST THE LAW | Grand Theft Auto Funny Moments (1)

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  1. *Had some serious problems recording this, if you hear weird audio things,
    its because I had to use Entoan’s audio. For some reason my game audio did
    not record*

  2. Then actually missed the money if you look closely he killed the guy with
    the money and walked out without it.

  3. What?! I-I’m not first…Why would this happen? *Sobbing* What will I do
    with my life now? I’m a failure. I’m sorry everyone, I failed you… *holds
    gun to head, but doesn’t pull the trigger, yet*

  4. you guys should play survival, explore the deep with some submarines, go to
    the location of the ghost, get a tank, etc

    Dlive shared this on twitter and had us guess which game that art would be
    And we were right XD

  6. That was hilarious though
    And never take a selfie with the cops lol
    That gas station was a ruckus XD
    Please make this a serioes, please Dlive!

  7. That was some crazy awesome laughs! XD Also, the flipping off thing
    reminded me of Mr. Bean! Those who’ve seen that movie (or that gif) know
    exactly what I’m talking about!

  8. Dlive go back to five nights at freddy’s 2 and check if u how some plushies
    on ur table
    Case u bet 20 20 20 20 mode I think u have plushies

  9. You heard it here first. Cops don’t like taking selfies. Also they become
    mass murderers when after robbers. XD But GTA used to be my shit when I was
    younger. This was great. :P

  10. Oh its gonna be fun once you get the gas tank. Then you can have some
    roasted pigs. (If you catch my drift.) *laughs evilly*

  11. When they were about to rob again after it Etoun got ran over and then the
    next car head shots him with it lol

  12. Love your videos dlive! Keep up the good work and youtube needs to stop
    being a douche about uploading.

  13. This is probably the first time in a long time that I’ve actually genuinely
    found something funny enough to laugh my butt off. Hilarious! XD I also
    learned two things, the cops in GTA hate selfies, and they’re also just as
    bad as the players. lol

    Glich’e Gaming played it on a video called five nights at sanic!