GTA 5 Online Q&A Heist DLC, 2015 Streams, GTA Online PC – (GTA V Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Q&A Heist DLC, 2015 Streams, GTA Online PC – (GTA V Gameplay)

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  1. Can’t wait for heists, but I can’t help feeling there will always be that
    one little kid who thinks he’s in charge, a complete badass, and doesn’t
    listen to others. And even if they get kicked, there’s minus one player. If
    these heists are strictly based on teamwork, we better get some damn good
    matchmaking xD

  2. Can you switch it up each week on streams? Like one week you’ll stream GTA
    on PS4 and the next week Xbox One? Just to switch it up and to play with
    your subscribers. Just a suggestion 

  3. I accidentally blew up my zentorno in gta5 online and it won’t let me
    replace it.
    It says I don’t have enough money in my account when I have 205k and it says
    No charge because a player that wasn’t in the lobby blew it up. This took
    me 2 weeks

    To build up enough money to buy it. This sucks. By the way you are the best
    gta5 Q and A
    And gameplay YouTube’s out there . 

  4. Lol heist was suppose to be released for over a year now it is stupid how
    rock star still have not had the time to give it to us even tho they have
    so much money.

  5. Hey +iCrazyTeddy i personally think that Rockstar will be releasing heists
    after the release of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. My reasons for
    this is that +Rockstar Games stated that they will be releasing heists
    shortly after the release of the newer versions of Grand Theft Auto 5
    including PC. This sounds correct according to Rockstar and since the PC
    version is coming out on January 27th, 2015 heists will most likely come
    out Feb. 3rd or Feb. 10th.

  6. Can someone help me I’ve been trying to play story on gta and does not let
    me switch characters for some reason but i can still play online 

  7. This might be off topic, but how come some people can’t sell their cars
    that are worth over 50k? I can sell my zentorno and adder, which both sell
    for 800k. I can sell every expensive sports car i have. 


    Go to steam<gta 5<scroll down<click veiw disscusion


  9. STOP ASKING FOR LIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND START
    THE VIDEO AT 0.00 NOT 1.35