GTA 5 Online QnA – Heist Weapons, Casino DLC, Future Updates & More In GTA Online! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online QnA – Heist Weapons, Casino DLC, Future Updates & More In GTA Online! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online QnA – Heist Weapons, Casino DLC, Future Updates & More In GTA Online! (GTA V)

  1. My top 3 Cars
    *Ruiner* : full black, no big spoiler, dark purple rims
    *Buffalo S* : Dark blue, orange, carbon hood [ + NOS (crew) emblem ],
    orange rims
    *Coquette[no roof]* : Dark blue, orange, carbon hood [ + NOS (crew) emblem
    ] black rims

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  3. My favorite cars are the Futo, Sultan and the Comet… But I hate the
    Zentorno, I think it’s ugly and it’s too damn overused plus the fact that
    people keep killing you in their Zentorno with their back turned towards
    you so you can’t shoot them 

  4. I hope since you could (SPOILER) kill Michael or Trevor in the last
    mission, that maybe they add a DLC where you go back to when Trevor,
    Michael and Brent or whatever his name was used to hit scores together and
    find out the origins of Michaels robbing ways since we get a small insight
    of how Trevor ended up as a robber in the mission where you first go to Los
    Santos as Trevor. Or maybe we go to the future where Franklin is Middle
    aged and Michael and Trevor may be dead or have given up the Heist life and
    Franklin forms a crew and gets to plan his own heists like Michael said
    when they robbed the jewellery store together. And my favourite car is the
    Sultan because for a stock car it can really move. Even without being

  5. I would like a storymode dlc were franklins an old heister teaching new
    people and hes robbing lots of new places with these new people 

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  7. I’m torn between Karin Sultan and Declasse Sabre Turbo. But for racing
    it’s definitely the Dinka Jester (Racecar).

  8. For me it’s a close tie between the Grotti Carbonizzaire and the Sanchez (I
    know it’s not a car)

  9. I think they have been working o this for awhile, like the casino stuff
    BUT. I think they are working oon a full Vegas DLC, as an add on to the map
    of course that will be a big dlc download and obviously would take awhile
    for them to release it.

  10. I have to put up with way too many assholes who drive Zentornos for the
    express purpose of abusing the lack of rear windshield so they can shoot
    through it. It’s just fucking lame.
    Same goes for the Adder and the Entity XF.

  11. how are the mechanics are good?
    the cover system is soooo broken in this game!

  12. #QandA do u think we will have story mode on last gen PS3 Xbox 360. I also
    wonder if the casino will be last gen thanks

  13. My favourite car is the coquette and i call it the sniperwolf mobile
    because i copied Sssniperwolfs car

  14. You know how you do missions for Trevor in online and you have to kill
    Biker gangs like the The Lost MC and Merry Weather and steal trucks and
    helicopters well I was thinking that you should do the same thing where you
    missions for Franklin and you kill rival gang members like the ballas and
    for Michael I’m not really sure what you would do for him but something
    cool I hope .

  15. The best car I like in GTA5 online would be the vapid speedo. I brought it
    from single player and I customized fully with Yankton plates blackout
    windows chrome red dollar wheels 100 armor and much more best car for