GTA 5 Online RARE Cars & Easy Money Method! – Part 4 – Rare Gauntlet & Ruiner (GTA V Rare Cars)

GTA 5 Online RARE Cars & Easy Money Method! – Part 4 – Rare Gauntlet & Ruiner (GTA V Rare Cars)

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  1. The Blue Mustang..which is ironic because I’m a Chevy guy. But I will go
    hunting for a Ruiner in a little bit. As always great work Mr. Boss.

  2. I found the ruiner before using your mustang method. By the way there is
    also a different coloured ruiner I found it before it sells for about 9k
    and has a purplish blue secondary

  3. The Rat Loader is a better car to sell than the Gauntlet and Ruiner. Once
    you buy the Rat Loader for $6000, bring it to Los Santos Customs. Go to the
    Suspension section and just scroll through all the types of suspension
    either going up or down. After a scrolling for about 5 seconds, go to the
    horns section and you’ll see that the Sad Trumbone (I think its that horn)
    is checked off. Equip the horn (its free) and sell it for $16600. Overall
    you make a $10600 profit. The best part is that it bypasses the 45 or 48
    min wait time. You can do this forever until Rockstar patches it.

  4. Why would you collect these vehicles? They’re not rare cars, they’re just
    rare in free roam. 

  5. If u purcase the stock suspension and then u go to horns u can get the sad
    horn for free and than get more money for the car

  6. I’ve been looking for many of these cars for over a week and a half 🙁
    Haven’t found a single one yet.

  7. There is a another ruiner that can spawn my friend found one that had
    gasoline green and blue colors with customizations

  8. Did anybody notice it was unlocked he didn’t have to break the window I
    think he might have pre customized it

  9. I sold the rat loader for 13k wtf I also sold a saber turbo for 12k why are
    you getting these low ass prices??

    $10-> 30M
    $20-> 100M
    $30-> 1b with rank upgrade level 120
    If you are interested contact me via psn:BUZZ_LIGHT_JIZZ OR KIK ME:zookie40

  11. I found a yellow rat loader in sandy shores, fully customized. It was at
    night and I was driving a sandking. I found it on the south side of the
    medical center and sheriff’s office building driving down the side street.
    It sold for $12000

  12. Does this work on Xbox 360 or only Xbox one? You need to start telling your
    viewers or at least put in your description on what system you’re talking

  13. I have to agree I seen that Gauntlet car after watching someone on the TV
    Customizing his car So I seen it and kept it.

  14. Can someone help me out here; I’ve been wondering what vehicle and what
    time do I need to be in the spawn location for the customized dubsta?