GTA 5 Online RARE Cars & Easy Money Method – RARE “DUBSTA 2” & “Sentinel XS” (GTA V Rare Cars)

GTA 5 Online RARE Cars & Easy Money Method – RARE “DUBSTA 2” & “Sentinel XS” (GTA V Rare Cars)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online RARE Cars & Easy Money Method – RARE “DUBSTA 2” & “Sentinel XS” (GTA V Rare Cars)

  1. Can you drive the cars you have got by driving the same vehicle into your
    garage or do you have to put insurance and a tracker on every car you find
    to put in garage

  2. Good idea I fill my garage with these cars, sell one then play a whole 10
    rounds of survival and sell another and the pattern keeps going

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  4. Hey man, good video but for the bait car do you need to put insurance on?
    Bc when you drive it into the garage doesn’t it automatically give the car
    a tracker?

  5. Does any one realize that the Dubsta is not the normal version, This one is
    all black and the rear tire is over to the side.

  6. For Last Gen Users you could go south Los Santos or near Franklins ant
    house ,or in the hood ,go thier at night find any green customized car take
    it sell it, Note if u didnt find a green customized vechile keep roaming
    around the same street until it spawns ,HOPE THIS HELPED FOR THE LAST GEN
    USERS ,Unfortunetly i dont have a caputer card so yeah .

  7. So if you customise the sentinel and the 4×4 to a high value, the same car
    will spawn with the same value of your car? Or do you have to do the
    customisation again? 

  8. +MrBossFTW i miss the days when cars could sell for like $100k….why did
    they take that away? By removing ways to make money and making it harder to
    do so they are in fact encouraging modders (and can’t claim complete
    innocence) and pissing people off.

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  10. I like you, Boss, but this is wrong. I have two million in my account rn
    without any cheating, and now you’re letting people get ahead of me in the
    matter of minutes. I don’t support money glitches. This is very wrong.
    Please delete this. And if I offended you, I’m sorry.

  11. Does anyone know what car the sentinel is in real life? I heard it was a
    BMW but I’m not sure. Just wondering because I’m in love with that car and
    I would love to have one in real life.

  12. To save $9000 on insurance and putting a tracker on the vehicle, just drive
    it into your garage. The garage automatically puts a tracker on the car.
    Then, before you leave your garage, go into passive mode, so no one can
    kill you while your searching for the next car.

  13. I once found a upgraded sabre turbo by the Los santos customs but I don’t
    know how much it sells for

  14. is this for last gen. too and thanks for not responding to this question.
    posted so many times before