GTA 5 Online Rare Cars Free Expensive & Fully Customized GTA Online PS4 – (GTA V Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Rare Cars Free Expensive & Fully Customized GTA Online PS4 – (GTA V Gameplay)

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  2. I kinda wish this was for last-gen too, besure to leave a ‘LIKE’ if you
    would like to see more #GTA5Online Rare car spawn locations! <3

  3. Orrrrr- you could do this
    1. Buy a rat loader (6000 from Sssa)
    2. Go to lsc and scroll down through the suspension section for 5 – 10
    3. Go onto horns and right at the bottom there should be a free sad
    trombone equip it on the rat loader
    4. Well it for 10k profit and because it’s your own car you don’t need to
    wait 45 mins
    5. Repeat steps for more money

  4. Customised car , only the color is customized , and u dont get it from the
    streets , its simeon s car . Fail !

  5. He said he was not going to forget about last gen but when was the last
    time he uploaded something about last gen you disappoint me teddy

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  7. I have a dig bick
    You that read wrong
    You also read that wrong
    You read the whole thing to again make sure I wasn’t fuckin with you!

  8. Teddy I can’t find any of my festive surprise dlc cloths hats and masks can
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  9. teddy how u put your profile picture into your gta online smartphone
    background ? if someone help me with this i appreciate it

  10. 1. buy the rat bird car for $6,000
    2. go to los santos customs, repair if necessary, choose suspension, press
    up or down to go through all suspension options for 10 seconds
    3. choose horns and install trombone horn (last one, its free)
    4. sell for $16,600
    5. rinse and repeat

    credit to +EndingGamertag 

  11. Fully customised cars that I have already found.
    Sabre turbo, ruiner, dominator, gauntlet, yellow and blue sandking, green
    and yellow rat loader, yellow and blue sentinel, gold and chrome dubsta and
    a matte green rapid gt 

  12. They need to put new character content in, this is getting ridiculous. The
    clothing and hair has been scarcely given since the early updates of gtao.
    The characters look boring!

  13. Hey Ted it would be awesome if you did a tbt (throw back Thursday ) for
    your vid on Thursday about the 360 & ps3