GTA 5 Online – Rockstar Removing MILLIONS, Cabrio Spyder Super Cars & MORE! Squadcast #45 (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online – Rockstar Removing MILLIONS, Cabrio Spyder Super Cars & MORE! Squadcast #45 (GTA V)

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  1. Hello, i come to seek help. I am interested in trying to discover a way to
    produce eggs much like a chicken does. i have tested inserting the egg into
    myself and hoping it will act like a seed and grow like a tree in my belly
    but so far it has not been successful. Please help i struggle to sleep at
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  2. Lmao the only money glitch I did was back at the start:
    Step 1- set spawn location to last location
    Step 2- rob store
    Step 3- go to game store
    Step 4- spawn back in
    Step 5- repeat

  3. I was in a lobby with a guy who had a dunce cap but I wasn’t in bad sport
    or cheaters pool so I reported him sorry poor guy lmao

  4. Its not funny that your saying “Where were you when the first GTA 5 trailer
    came out?”…ITS SAD!

  5. Garret a little light weight bitch. That’s some unprofessional shit if you
    gonna get drunk at least be a functional drunk not a pass out mid work

  6. The servers (or my Xbox one) is very screwed up. I transfered my online
    profile and I can’t get into sessions which actually have people in it. I
    tried hundreds of times, played for hours, never found anyone. I tried
    joining a job and people were in it but it booted me to single player wen
    it launched. So I go back to my 360 and try to join people and I can easily
    be in a full server with no lag at all. I am confused and pissed that I
    bought an Xbox one especially for next gen GTA 5 and it doesn’t let me play
    with people. If you know any way to fix it please tell me.

  7. Fucking unreal you still doing and playing gta 5 I mean I used to love this
    channel when gta5 was new and shit but it’s so fucking dead now doc fuck
    sake come on 

  8. After heist they should make a sniper elite update, the add new sniper
    rifles, ghillie suit, and the option to go prone. They can start a trick
    shooting community 

  9. When you do ANY glitching, or duplicating. Lie low, don’t get noticed, if
    you do, make sure its for something good not bad. Keep to yourself, kill
    less people online, avoid getting Bad Sports, and you should be okay.


  11. Gta 4 was crazy, people were able to teleport people and light them on fire
    from across the map, the airport was were people kept spawning ramps for no
    reason… too bad thats gone…

  12. They need to add a survival creator that would be epic. Especially if we
    can add zombies. Plus I think you need to be able to pay to take trackers
    off npc cars once you steal them #this is gta dammit. 

  13. i hate it when people stereo type saying “youl get banned from xbox live”
    not everyone has a xbox there is another console called playstation and psn
    is the network 

  14. They should add a new city (San Fierro/Las Venturas/Liberty City) or Casino
    or Alien/Zombie DLC.This should be a little more innovative than what we’ve
    seen so far.It’s far better than clothes and vehicles.

  15. Is rockstar THIS stupid? If you overprice dlc vehicles trying to force
    people to buy ungodly expensive shark cards they WILL mod or glitch. Simply
    charge real money for each dlc pack in the store like every other game.
    charge real cash for each car. Who would break their balls modding in-game
    money just for mods? stupid fuckers I swear…

  16. Hi Guys… Another amusing squadcast… zzzzzzripgarretzzzz

    Just wanted to talk about the gambling & casino thread of conversation that
    seems to be ongoing…
    Gambling in GTAO, is never going to happen!!!!…
    Why?… Because it’s against the Law…

    Gambling Laws, vary from State to State in the US and Gambling Laws vary
    from Country to Country. Because Rockstar cannot verify the age of all
    those with accounts, they simply could not and cannot implement gambling
    legally. Gambling is also not allowed to be encouraged… The list of
    reasons goes on and on…
    If you search for ‘gambling laws in gaming’ you will see there are any
    number of legal reasons. Rockstar simply could not negotiate the legal
    nuances of worldwide Gambling Laws… If you look into the case of ‘WoW and
    Blizzard’ you will see, the potential pitfalls of any such action…

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings everybody, but there will never be
    late night sessions of poker, or betting on horses.

    Sorry but it just ain’t going to happen. A quick bit of research on the
    subject and you will find out for yourself…

    Vids are great btw, keep up the good work…

  17. I don’t have half an hour to watch one video someone please summarize the
    vid and list everything they are removing