GTA 5 Online: Secret Weapons & Bullets Easter Egg! (GTA V Secret Guns & Ammo Names)

GTA 5 Online: Secret Weapons & Bullets Easter Egg! (GTA V Secret Guns & Ammo Names)

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  1. the heavy rifle is the Heavy Shotgun and the Assult Sniper is the Marksman
    Gun also the Programmable A.R is a Story mode mission only gun

  2. I thought the program thing was the gun you shot the plane down with doing
    story mode Martin makes you shot a plane down to get some files and there
    was a huge sniper in the back of a van wasn’t it called the program rifle

  3. P.E stands for plastic explosives. It might be new it might be another word
    for the sticky bomb

  4. P.E. is Plastic Explosive (Sticky Bombs) Hope that helps clear up some of
    the confusion (if there was any) :P

  5. I’m gonna say this now, do not put up a video without doing research and
    then state that you don’t know what something is or you do not know guns.
    It’s unprofessional and looks poor. The Heavy Rifle could be any of the FN
    SCAR variants, though the H is quite likely since it fires .308’s. But, I
    also doubt it, considering it shoots quite slowly (around 650 rpm). Look at
    all the guns in GTA V, they shoot very fast, the Heavy Rifle will need to
    either kill in only a couple shots or have a fast fire rate. I’d also like
    to mention that the Programmable AR is a grenade launcher from GTA SA. And
    you should probably stop borrowing from content from other people, it’s
    boring to see the same content from 7 or 8 of the GTA V YouTubers I watch,
    and you Nought are no exception. 

  6. at least google what a hollow point round does before trying to explain it,
    it is a round that has no lead (or any other metal) in the tip which causes
    the bullet to deform when it hits either a hard or a soft target exposing
    the lead in the center and expanding taking a mushroom shape effectively
    creating a larger projectile and doing much more damage to soft targets
    like people and animals although because it is designed to flatten out it
    is stopped much more easily than a regular bullet but armor or vehicles

  7. I hope the heavy rifle is rather a Beowulf ifs a regular rifle if
    not and is a sniper rifle i hope it’s a 20mm rifle

  8. on top right coner there are 4 points and 4 sides 4-4=0 0 don’t give fuks
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    the water in our day so 4+3=6 6= 3 points and 3siades wich a triangle omfg
    illumiani conframed!

  9. Notice some weapons don’t have a dollar sign next to the name and have
    another currency symbol (not sure which one). Most actually have a dollar
    sign. Maybe something by rockstar as an easter egg.