GTA 5 Online Secret Weapons: OBTAIN THE STUN GUN!

GTA 5 Online Secret Weapons: OBTAIN THE STUN GUN!

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Secret Weapons: OBTAIN THE STUN GUN!

  1. Wait… so you keep it forever and not just for the next session? Awesome!
    *Let’s just hope trolls don’t take advantage of this :/*

  2. Ive Tried this for the past two days.And nothing seems to work ive added
    the gamemode to my bookmarks and everytime i go on gta v says
    that i have no jobs in my boomarks:( please help (xbox one)

  3. stop it with the fckin console wars its such bullshit just 12 year olds
    saying XBOX 1 IS BETTER NO PS4 IS BETTER, just shut the fuck up with that
    bullshit we all dont like the same console does it rly matter which one is
    better, its ur fckin opinion 

  4. I just spent like 10 minutes looking for one on Xbox one but couldn’t find
    anything. When you do end up finding one please tell us.

  5. What is World War 2 ? It isnt a world war because if it was the world had
    to fight aliens because its a world war “world vs world”

  6. Honestly, I think the stun gun should be in multiplayer, it would give us
    another option than lethal takedowns. I usually play with a mic and when
    another player is following me I usually tell him to go away politely or I
    would shoot at him (Shoot his leg, Shoot his car or shoot the ground around
    him) the stun gun would give me another option to scare off players. I
    could see the potential trolling, to prevent this the stun gun should have
    horrible range. Guys, what’s your opinion on my idea?