GTA 5 Online – SUV CAR SHOW! [GTA V]

GTA 5 Online – SUV CAR SHOW! [GTA V]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – SUV CAR SHOW! [GTA V]

  1. Who else holds his breath during sea-diving in GTA5 to add the immersion of
    4D? xD

  2. Typical 12 yr olds at car shows Smh. you need to find some mature people
    and anyone f ucking around kick them from the crew and they will be kick
    from game.

  3. I was smh a lot when he confused the Huntley with the radius. Two

  4. Remember everyone only 3-4 of these people in his shows are older than 14
    so expect shitty ugly cars and squeakers 

  5. Hey, I’m hosting money lobbies for £0.50 it’s on both consoles, contact me
    on Skype thecoolboy1707

  6. I need help in gta some put something in my garage and I can’t get it out
    of my garage even if I switch servers can u help me 

  7. Saints get these car shows together. Why don’t you have people message
    Ross, Garrett, and Quantum the cars they should bring and what paint scheme
    they should do and just have a four man car show that actually doesn’t