GTA 5 Online – The Heist Hype Is REAL! Release Date Possibilities & MORE! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online – The Heist Hype Is REAL! Release Date Possibilities & MORE! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – The Heist Hype Is REAL! Release Date Possibilities & MORE! (GTA V)

  1. Can’t wait to play GTA V on the best platform: PC.

    Better Graphics, Mods, Tweaks and much much more.

  2. I’d stop with the “speculation” videos and just wait, Boss. Heists will
    come out whenever RockStar decides. I honestly think they’ll release them
    when all the other games starting hitting the shelves. The Order: 1886,
    Uncharted 4 and many more like that. That way people won’t play the new
    stuff they’ll jump right to heists instead of new games. 

  3. Just my opinion but chill out with these speculation videos. All this hype
    will kill heists. I guarantee it. People will bitch and bitch and bitch
    about how they were expecting more. Just don’t hype it up more than it
    needs to be. 

  4. I’m thinking February the 24th because that would be almost one month after
    PC, its a Tuesday and nobody could say they released them 3 month in 2015.
    What do you think?

  5. i think rockstar should just man up and stop being so childish already and
    be straight forward with us.

  6. You know what? Fuck heists how about rockstar fixes the real problems like
    aggressive pedriastrian driving.

  7. Im sad to say it but MrBoss is know becoming just speculations, theories
    and wish lists. Its been a while since some facts have come through :(

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  9. i am so happy people started to catch up. STOP doing these types of videos.
    thats all you three do. you guys are the same. speculation speculation
    speculation, “leak” comes out, ALL of you make the same video with the same
    opinion. Then you do a squad cast about how bored you are or when heist are
    coming. then you are going to make videos of things without proof and get
    hyped about free dlc only to get your own hype slap you in the face. then
    you are going to do another squad cast about how the R* didnt put two more
    t shirts or the pants you wanted or they didnt put a batmobile or
    something. guys chill the fuck out. play the game . play with your subs.
    play other games. just stop click bating and milking the same subject .

    P.S. English is my fourth language. dont give shit if my grammar was

  10. when i think of the future of GTA ONLINE i see a bright future with heists
    as the main played game mode this will be epic :D

  11. you know how the GTA Online came out 2 weeks after the singleplayer what if
    heist comes out 2 weeks after the release date for GTA on PC

  12. I honestly stopped caring, GTA is dying and they are not doing what needs
    to be done. Plus the release date would not be that fare

  13. i’m not even hyped for heist’s. im only hyped for the hunter and thee ute’s
    with the mg’s on the back. im looking it as a military dlc. also the
    chemical suit!

  14. Hey how’s it going guys mr boss ftw her bringing you unconfirmed GTA
    information about heists. I’m making this video to make my viewers think
    heists are gonna come out a certain day and get them hyped, but if heists
    don’t come out ill just blame it in rockstar.

    Seriously dude wait for a confirmation date. You were wrong about the
    release date the first 100 times you would think by now you would learn.
    It’s not rockstars fault everyone was pissed about not saying a release
    date, but its youtuber’s like you who create the hype and feed viewers
    bullshit information.

  15. I think GTA shouldn’t go on PC 1 cause they are crap and 2 we could of had
    heists by now so if it wasn’t for PC we might actually have them wat u
    think boss? 

  16. No DLC for months. The last DLC was on Oct. 2, that’s 4 months and 3 days
    of no DLC. I wouldn’t consider the festive DLC as a ”DLC” because that
    was boring as shit.

  17. Have you ever thought about doing funny moments or some kind of series to
    keep your subscribers entertained because a lot of people including me are
    tired of this ‘speculation’ shit Ross. Sorry but its the truth and i love
    your videos but at the moment its kind of the same thing you’re posting
    everyday. You could try to make funny moments with garret and your other
    friends or you could ask us subscribers to help you make funny moments or
    something like that. Hope you read this and try to do something. Im not
    just speaking for myself but in behalf of other people too. And no im not
    gonna unsubscribe you.

  18. Wow…Lots of hate!!! But seriously stop… Just stop!! Do some races, I
    enjoyed those. Do some activities for gods sake!!! Stop doing speculations
    and use things that are actually in the game. Notice how kwebble and his
    crew are gaining subs rapidly, or vanoss, he’s gained 9 mil in 1 year
    because his content is good. YOUR content is shit! Literally JUST STOP!!!
    I’m not gonna u dun because your content may get good. I’ll give it a
    month, if it’s this shit still I’m gonna unsubscribe and so will many
    others. Today you’ve probably lost more subs than gained subs!