GTA 5 Online “Top Five” DLC Cars In GTA Online – GTA 5 Best Add-On Cars! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online “Top Five” DLC Cars In GTA Online – GTA 5 Best Add-On Cars! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online “Top Five” DLC Cars In GTA Online – GTA 5 Best Add-On Cars! (GTA V)

  1. Hey Mrbossftw you are mistaken with the zentorno being the fastest in the
    game it is the adder look up the top speed on legendary Motorsport 

  2. Hi Ross
    Where can I buy the Dukes?!
    I cant find this car in the game or on the website. I have the ps4
    Thanks for your help

  3. Mine’s are (in order)

    Rat Truck
    Huntley S

  4. Whenever i play GTA online it freezes when i drive fast. Does this happen
    to you guys?

  5. Adder is faster but the fastest thing in the whole game is that ugly
    looking motorcycle when you do a wheelie 

  6. Does the Zentorno spawn anywhere, and is the original starting GTA Online
    thing where you steal your first car still in the game?

  7. Thank god he put GTA four times in the title, i was really having trouble
    figuring out that this is a GTA video

  8. Omg the steriotypical zentorno #1 noone really likes the zentorno. Just
    thought some youtubers should know that

  9. I know people are gonna get pissed at me for saying this, but the turismo r
    is #1 on my list. Hate comments below:

  10. The zentorno is awesome, a mix between the sesto elemento and the veneno, I
    hope the next DLC car rockstar adds is an aventador, a Porsche 918, or a
    koenigsegg one:1, the one:1 could take the title of fastest car in gta lol

  11. 5- Benefactor Panto
    4- Dinka Jester
    3- Dewbauche Massacro
    2- Carbonizzare Turismo
    1- Pegassi Zentorno

  12. Zentorno isn’t the fastest car look on legendary Motorsport and click on
    the zen torso it says the zentorno goes 215mph whilst the adder goes 250mph

  13. The Zentorno is everyone’s favorite super car? i can guarantee its not, it
    looks so gay and i often find that 90% of the people who drive it are
    d-bags. I prefer the Turismo

  14. The Adder is fastest car in the game but you can’t reach the top speed. The
    zentorno has better acceleration then the Adder but it’s still not the

  15. Zentorno is an ugly ass overused piece of shit that I always see driving
    around running me over time after time and pointing its rear end at me so I
    cant kill the asshole inside of it because of the ugly ass hexagon windows.
    The Panto was a unique car so I agree with that. Oh and just so you know,
    plenty bikes like the Hakachou, Akuma & Bati 801 are faster than the
    Zentorno. I prefer the Turismo. That sleek sexy machine. Thanks for putting
    GTA V four times in the title. God why do I still watch your videos…

  16. Does any1 agree with me that when you see a zentorno driving at u in
    online, they always try kill u