GTA 5 Online “Top Five” DLC Weapons In GTA Online! (GTA V Best DLC Guns)

GTA 5 Online “Top Five” DLC Weapons In GTA Online! (GTA V Best DLC Guns)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online “Top Five” DLC Weapons In GTA Online! (GTA V Best DLC Guns)

  1. I was hoping the Special Carbine would be on this list, it’s my favorite
    assault rifle and I use it all the time

  2. Favorite guns (DLC or not)

    1.Ap pistol
    2.pistol 50.
    3. Bullup rifle
    4. Hammer

  3. 5. Marksman Rifle
    4. Antique CavalryDagger
    3. Hatchet
    2. Homing Launcher
    1. Gusenberg Sweeper

    My top 5 :)

  4. The launcher is a bad thing for gta v.. It’s destroying the game! It’s not
    fun to play the game anymore.. Medium levels got it.. Why get to level 100
    for and fucking rpg? When you can get this at like rank 70? It is so

  5. Come on MrBossFTW. These videos are just getting stupid now. Top 5 cars,
    top 5 weapons. What’s next? Top 5 hats? Top 5 shoes? Top 5 hairstyles?

  6. don’t soil your reputation with crap content. just stop gta for a while. i
    feel like unsubbing because of the lame content. try other games, meanwhile
    some hype comes back to gta. like heists.

  7. They need to put a level on some dlc weapons. A level 1 shouldn’t be able
    to have a lock on missile launcher….

  8. 5- Gusenberg Sweeper
    4- Bullpup Rifle
    3- Special Carbine
    2- Homing Launcher
    1- Marksman Rifle

  9. 5.)Marksman rifle
    4.)Homing launcher
    3.)Bullpup rifle
    2.)Gusenburg sweeper
    1.)Special Carbine

  10. The homing rocket is not a good weapon, it’s a gamebreaking weapon. There’s
    a reason the RPG unlocks at rank 100, so there’s not a ton of rocket spam.
    Every time I get in any aircraft in a public lobby, I’m shot down in under
    a minuet, sometimes by two or more players. Every time I want to fly, I now
    have to go into a private lobby. That should not happen! A weapon should
    not be powerful enough to nullify one of the four main ways of
    transportation in the game!

  11. 5: Carbine rifle (it’s for all platforms unlike the hatchet)
    4:Homing launcher
    3:Proximity mines
    2: Firework launcher (ohh, ahh) (musket was ONLY available for Independence
    Day, no longer available for new players)
    1: Bullpup Rifle, simply said, HIGH FIRE RATE, GREAT RANGE