GTA 5 Online – Unlock Rare Weapons! (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 Online – Unlock Rare Weapons! (GTA V Online)

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  1. There is also another secret weapon it’s called the Ray gun just send a
    message saying Ray gun to a guy called mrs blue balls it will say u have
    unlocked the Ray gun enjoy only on PS3

  2. Back when DNS codes were around, I got a code that gave me the collectors
    and special edition for free. :D

  3. Jimmy I got into a modded lobby on accident and they spawned entities on my
    character. They were also able to teleport me around and they spawned a
    campfire on me so I would always die. They also gave me 1mil dollars and
    I’m afraid I’m gonna get banned.

  4. When it end so I got the guns but if I leave offline or turn my console so
    there will be still there and can customize them?

  5. +LispyJimmy yo ive just tryed to find this on your link to rockstar
    socialclub and its ither been banned or removed as it doesn’t come up
    anymore, do you know any other way of getting them thanks :D

  6. You are a fucking cheating geting the collectors edition guns free I paid
    my money for the exclusiveness and this sorta shit pisses me of just
    fucking wait it’s not like they are God guns there just guns pay for it
    don’t cheat for it you cock sucker 

  7. Someone please say what is wrong with my gta i cant create a job or host a
    job and i cant change crew please help