GTA 5 – Phone Calls & Emails after Final Missions

GTA 5 – Phone Calls & Emails after Final Missions

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  1. It would be funny if when Michael got in trouble with the police Dave would
    call him telling him to stop getting to to trouble just like in Gta IV
    whenever Niko would do something the guy the Karen(Michelle) worked for
    would call him and tell him to stop.

  2. i wish there was a way to kill off the black guy i like Trevor and Michael
    but i don’t like franklin 

  3. A = you kill trevor might be fine, no trouble! B= you kill Michael?
    Everyone just hates you and you lost a lot of friends! NO WORTH! C = THE
    BEST ONE! Michael has a happy family, Trevor forgives Michael for getting
    brad killed and frank? I don’t know! I hope he learns friendship is always

  4. Franklin has to stay alive because cjs coming back and cjs franklins half
    brother in a way , so the story line will continue with franklin cj and
    Lamar that’s gta 6 witch will be in London . Belive me I know (;

  5. Why wouldn’t you choose C? When you choose A, you won’t be able to play as
    Trevor, Ron will be mad, you can’t hang out with Michael either and you
    won’t be able to get 100% and all trophies. B: Michael dies, everyone hates
    you, you can’t hang with Trevor anymore, you won’t be able to get 100% and
    all the trophies either. And with both A and B, Steve, Stretch, Cheng and
    Devin will survive. C: Happy ending; Steve, Stretch, Cheng and Devin get
    killed. Trevor, Michael and Franklin still like each other and you can get
    100% and all trophies. Nobody hates you. (:

  6. I chose C. Because who does not want to kill those two jerks who screwed
    you around all the time? (Steve and Devin)

  7. Wow franklin kind of looks like an asshole if he kills michael. He just
    lies to everybody and everybody hates him. It makes me sad to see that side
    of the game. Im glad i chose option c. Much less depressing. 

  8. I have only watched this game, never played it, but I will go ahead and say
    the only ending that makes sense is the Option C. I mean, all the scumbags
    stay alive in the other two endings. Sure Trevor and Michael are two old
    wolves looking for a place to die, but my conscience is a lot cleaner
    knowing the corrupt assholes they have met in their travels are in the
    ground. Steve Haines especially bothered me. Nice shot Trevor!

  9. Thanks for showing all of us GTA V players what happend after the A B C
    option. But i still think C is every time better than A B .

  10. Killing Michael has the least profit since his cut well got to his family

    Killing Trevor has the most profit, his cut will split between Michael and

    I choose death wish cause I fucking HATE Steve, HATE Devin even more, loved
    how they taunted him before pushing him off the cliff.

  11. The next gen version actually tells you what the options are but it sounds
    weird because the way he says it should’ve made him think he would
    obviously try to save them both.

  12. Rockstar better hurry the fuck up and release the DLC because I was
    disappointed with the lack of heist that you could actually do. 6 and 3
    were for the FIB, 1 Lester made them give up the score and the other 2 were
    actually ones you could profit from except for T since he literally only
    profited from the big one. 

  13. Options Broken Down
    A: A is for Arson (Burn Trevor)
    B: B is for Betrayal (Betray Mikey)
    C: C is for Cannon (C FTW… Also cannon for most chosen)

  14. This is calls and emails received so you covered everything….but in case
    ppl didnt know – you can make certain calls after the C ending (like u can
    a lot of missions)…

    Franklin – Call Lamar where he tells him Stretch is dead and both of them
    agree its for the best and Lamar says hes lucky to have a “cold ass
    mu’fucka like him to make them decisions”

    Michael – call Solomon and they shoot the shit before Michael asks when
    they are making their next movie…Solomon says soon – and asks Micheal if
    he knows anyone with any liquidity for financing as the UD heist “has
    really “schtupped” the market. Micheal says he knows a guy whos come into
    some cash and they agree to do lunch.

    Trevor – call Lamar and Lamar asks if hes gonna share the UD Metal…Trevor
    says no but thanks him for backing them up during the foundry
    shootout…Lamar says nothing says Thank You like a gold bar before Trevor
    says nothing says Thank You like saying Thank You….

    lol – Trevors still a bastard – but a funny one!!!

  15. Damm that Michael death thing was hard to handle since he was just getting
    started making a better life with his family.

  16. I love how in gta all gangsters are referring to everyone as “man”
    *franklin talking to tanisha – ” man see you later, man” lol :-)

  17. All these phone calls where jimmy says that his dad is dead are so
    heartbreaking 🙁 i almost cried 🙁