GTA 5 (PS4) Car Meet/Cruise 2

GTA 5 (PS4) Car Meet/Cruise 2

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  1. Where did you find the red car ?
    Where can we find the expensive car where people drive on Gta 5 PS4 (not
    GTA 5 online) ??
    Can you send a map and locate it ??
    Can we find a garage like GTA 5 online where there are expensive cars ??

    Can you tell me please?

  2. May i join your crew? i have the 400,000 dollar apartment with 10 beautiful
    cars, i haven’t been doing much with them except letting them sit in the

  3. Description tags haven’t worked since like 2010 so having them will not
    affect your SEO but annoy the viewers. -1 until this is fixed.

  4. MIN. 4:43 JAJA XD I found this video on the site “Car
    meetup in Grand Theft Auto goes horribly awry”.. and i liked, I like his
    humor! ^^ jajaja 1 SUPER LIKE & SUB!!! 😀 Greetings from Argentina!

  5. I got chase around town people where killing each other in the car meet me
    and my 8 buddys drove 2 cars we had to protect ourselves or die it was
    funny though I lost 2 cars