GTA 5 PS4 – Free Roam Gameplay LIVE! Next Gen GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay! (GTA V)

GTA 5 PS4 – Free Roam Gameplay LIVE! Next Gen GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay! (GTA V)

24 Responses to GTA 5 PS4 – Free Roam Gameplay LIVE! Next Gen GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay! (GTA V)

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  2. the game looks exactly the same. hardly no new cars or weapons. the
    graphics are a let down. the map size seems to be the same. The draw
    distance is just different in first person. This really sucks. 

  3. This current generation of gamers/people are retarded. I can’t believe
    people spend more time and money on extra grass and a crack in the ground.
    A year from now are you going to look back and say.. “hey, that’s still
    cool I can see the details on the gas pumps.” If you want a real life
    simulator than turn this shit off and look at gas pumps in real life.

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  5. We all know the antisocial no life bitches defending this game are only
    doing so because they wont to feel as if the got their moneys worth because
    they cant return it lol the game is exactly the same it just has new stuff
    man gta fanboys are so predictable. GTAss 5 sucks genome dick. Let’s see a
    new Smugglers Run or why not make San Andreas for the next gen which you
    bitches should have did in the first place.

  6. Should I buy the PS4 bundle including GTA5? I was an PS3 player still
    thinking about buying a PS4…
    What do you guys think ? (Normaly I dont ask for those ridicolous questions

  7. Hey this youtuber seams rich I I’m poor my mom as $58 that’s all have no
    fun no console no games noting but a phone pleace can some on but me
    something pleace

  8. Dude fucking wait this game doesnt even fcking look like gta v anymore it
    looks like a first person shooter shit and talking about it why the fuck
    dont ps3 and xbox 360 users get the first person mode and shit like that it
    makes the ps3 and the xbox 360 versions of the game look like they are
    fcking alpha and not fully released so what the fuck rockstar?!?!?

  9. counter strike has better graphics then this game also this is large and on
    a console so it is lowered quality but still look fine.

  10. I have now a x360, but i am going to save for the ps4, if i have the ps4
    can i still buy the Dukes, Blista and th other car i forgot the name? -_-