GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay: DODO Sea plane! (Grand Theft Auto: V)

GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay: DODO Sea plane! (Grand Theft Auto: V)

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  1. I honestly don’t see a difference, beside a slight resolution upgrade and
    some grass, between ps4 gtav and ps3. I don’t see more traffic density for
    example, which is a real disappointment 

  2. How do I get the dodo sea plane?
    I’ve played on the XBOX360 and I’m getting it today for the XBOX ONE, when
    I install the game it’s just available for me or what? Like what do I have
    to do?

  3. 0:33 lol, douchebags killing each other, there are new features, vehicles,
    etc and the first thing they do is killing lol GTA logic.

  4. I pre ordered the game. I didnt get my pre order money and i dont have
    acces to buy these new items/vehicles. Their not even in the fucking

  5. The GTA V Trailer keeps comeing on and on! It’s awesome though!
    I want to buy Destiny and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for PS3 but I
    rather buy a PS4 and get GTA V… I wouldn’t have enough money for GTA V
    when I buy a PS4… But all I have to do is ask my papa doe… He’s meh
    neighbor… My only close one around less than 100 yards… lel I can ask
    him to give me enough money for it doe… :D

  6. the dodo is a 4 seater plus people can stand on the outside of the plane, i
    dont know how many but its a 6-8 seater

  7. why is the dodo a ps4 and xbox one exclusive?there have been many times we
    used the dodo in gta sa and vice city,and that too on the what’s
    wrong with ps3?

  8. Whoa how did you change the background on the phone to have your 43 logo on
    it? Is that an option on gta v online for next gen only?

  9. Is the Dodo a returning player exclusive? Because whenever I go to that
    location to do the random event, it isn’t there. I’m playing on the PS4.