GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : Just Beautiful. Channel Updates. (Grand Theft Auto: V)

GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : Just Beautiful. Channel Updates. (Grand Theft Auto: V)

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  1. Hey Olli,
    I know that moving is a stressful and not easy thing to do but maybe if you
    have the time and nervs for it you could just take a day of of your normal
    dayly plans and prerecord ..yes i said prerecord 😀
    It would be so awesome and nice from your side if you actually would do
    that but I would TOTALY understand if it doesnt workout for you 🙂
    Love your vids (watched every single one of them) and i just wanned to say:

    AND sorry for my spelling im from germany :D

  2. Great channel Ollie, I play on PC so I’m hanging on for the requirements
    release to see wether or not I need to upgrade some bits. As for console
    you’re the only gaming channel I watch. I like it as your not screaming
    done the mic trying to be over entertaining like “sorry to offend” kids
    channels or american based youtuber’s, anyhow good luck with your move and
    hope the future holds good thing for you.

  3. I got it recently. I was disappointed that it costs to play online but, I
    understand their reasoning. I may try it someday but, I am gonna wait for
    now. (Gonna play Single Player in meantime.) As for Christmas, nothing
    special. Just get together with the family, exchange gifts, etc.

  4. I going to get this game but I can’t decide if I’m going to get PS4 or Xbox
    One, please help?!

  5. Recent lurker coming out from hiding. Good luck on your move Ollie, and
    don’t worry about getting content out every single day. We’ll still be here
    the day after wether you post or not ;)

  6. Hey Olli I would really like it if you could make some hoodies or other
    merch with your logo on it because I would without a doubt buy that 

  7. looks better than most racing games lol
    hopefully someone will make a graphics mod for the PC to make it look even

  8. Hey I never got to watch the FC4 map editor video you uploaded. by the time
    I got round to watching it you had set it to private.. I saw someone
    mention that there was problems with audio or something. shame. are you
    planing on re recording it?

  9. Hey Olli. I’m going to comment hi on every YouTube video until you
    acknowledge it. I love your content and you had about 200 subscribers when
    I joined team 43. I’d just love to say thanks for everything. I’m going to
    keep reposting this so I can know you’ve read it. You were about 2 episodes
    into the GTA 5 show when I joined.
    Kallan Australia

  10. I’m picking it up after the holidays, most likely in the current PS4
    bundle. I’ve avoided getting a PS4 because I knew that Sony would release a
    bundle worth waiting for.

    As for holiday traditions, I’ll be bouncing around from place to place
    seeing relatives. Perhaps have a movie marathon of some sort.

  11. You exaggerate too much or you’re being paid by rock star I don’t know. If
    you’ve had it on PS3 then there isn’t much of a difference graphic wise.

  12. Olli, I know there aint any good games out right now… But you really
    gotta find a new game to make videos for. Or something. GTA 5 is old news,
    and GTAO sucks. It’s time to move on. At this point, I find myself watching
    your videos more to listen to you than I do for the content because the
    content is just outright boring. 

  13. I’ve ordered the PS4 version of the game and I’m waiting for it to arrive
    in the mail to go with the PS4 I’m “buying for my children” for Christmas
    I’m just blown away with how much better the graphics appear to be in both
    yours and other game play vids. I really want to play through the campaign
    again on the next gen because I just LOVE he look of the world,
    Good luck with the house hunting getting your own place is the bets thing
    you will ever do that will give you the stability and security taht will
    make your life far less stressfull 

  14. Wassup Ollie I would get it but moneys kinda tight I had saved up for 5
    months for the ps3 version but when i finally got it ut kept freezing n all
    my money just went in the whole n i tried to return it but gamestop wouldnt
    let me cause it was after 7 days and i had no transportation out there im
    only 15 so i guess i cnt get it but pc version would prolly be fun but i
    just hope it doesnt freezes n ger everybody hopes up

  15. Olli, you are one of my favourite youtubers – if not my favourite youtuber!
    i love how you include us in your life and its not just some account on
    youtube you use to make money. you truly care about your subscribers, and
    to me thats awesome. keep doing you buddy, cause by the looks of it your
    channel is growing and becoming everything i hoped for when wanting to
    watch GTA videos. Keep uploading, i will always be an Olli43 fan :)

  16. I wanted it on PC, but Rockstar said January 23rd now, so I upgraded from
    the Xbox 360 version to PS4 version thanks to Target over here in the US.
    They had a upgrade offer that for $30 and you old version copy they would
    give you the Xb1 or PS4 version.

  17. Is this weird ? So my dad was total fine with me getting gta v on ps3 but
    I’m getting a ps4 tomorrow and he seid I’m not allowed gta on next gen
    because it’s not appropriate for my age (p’s. I’m 13)

  18. Moving in together in rented accommodation while boyfriend and girlfriend
    is common and normal but moving into her parents place and buying your own
    place together!? If that’s the stage you’re at.. Why have you not bought a
    ring yet?! 

  19. Anyone else notice this problem when logging into GTA Online no one else is
    in the lobby or your map, its getting so frustrating. I would like to play
    with people anybody have an idea what the problem might be is it an
    internet connection problem? PS XBOX ONE, South Africa