GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : The EPIC Railgun! How to get it FREE! (Grand Theft Auto: V)

GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : The EPIC Railgun! How to get it FREE! (Grand Theft Auto: V)

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  1. olli hey love your vids and i have loved you sence you started the gta v
    hipe siries
    you realy made me so hiped for the game back then and i loved you back then
    and now that you do next gen vids its so awsome you are again hiping me
    case i didint realy get the game yet case im getting a ps 4 for cristmas if
    my parents will buy it lets hope they will case it looks absulutly awsome i
    love gta v. gta sanandraes was my fav. game eaver i playd it on a xbox when
    i was 3 and i loved gta games eaver since i and thats why i love you you
    are kinda of my idol and i love you <3 (lets hopw i get the ps4 for
    cristmas case dont know if my parents can aford it well they can but its
    ifi so wish me luck love you again) keep up the amazing work <3

    and it realy is realy awsome to be subd to olli 43 at this time
    you and a nother youtuber are my idols and i cant wait to get home from
    school evry day to see what olli and rage have for me today. i literly get
    a cup of tea and watch your vids . (btw the other youtubers name is rage

  2. both videos I have seen on this are wrong (including this one)
    you don’t have to complete the game or the “Monkey Business” mission to get
    I got it after the “Minor Turbulence” mission 

  3. GTA just triggers my OCD,

    I die, then respawn near a hospital saying “ok, this time lets do some
    missions, and make progress” but then I just end up shooting people and
    going on rampages

  4. This gun is a total waste, it can’t be used in online – same could be said
    about the stockcars and new wildlife, on the plus side we have nice grass
    in online.

  5. I feel like you just watch gtchy1230 and copy his videos because every time
    he posts a helpful video you post the same exact thing

  6. Hello +Olli43 I am not advertising, I just want to know how do you keep up
    with all this YouTube stuff everyday? I want to become a better YouTuber in
    the Future is it possible if you have any tips for the rookies like me?
    Thank you.


  7. i dont get it?.

    The railgun and the other new weapon (hand weapon), is not in the shop? (i
    cant see the weapons, that is new)

    and when i go to the shooting area, in the shop, there is not a “bonus”
    select?? = plese help.

    PS i have an ps4.

  8. How do I unlock the bonus option? I’m on PS4 yet I can’t find the bonus
    section ): Help please :c

  9. Do you need to be a returning player to get that cause im not and it dosent
    show me that “BONUS” shit and i justo finished the monkey business mission

  10. after minor turbulance….the mission where the big cargo plane crashes in
    the lake near trevor’s place….you can get one there that spawns….

  11. Just so u know rail guns use electromagnetic pulses to fire projectiles
    which means it’s used magnets attraction forces to each to fire a
    projectile at very very very very fast speeds 

  12. guys any one help me please i cant find the rail gun and the hitch in the
    gun shop what should i do to get it