GTA 5 PS4 Let’s Play Part 1: The Prologue (Grand Theft Auto: V Gameplay)

GTA 5 PS4 Let's Play Part 1: The Prologue (Grand Theft Auto: V Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 PS4 Let’s Play Part 1: The Prologue (Grand Theft Auto: V Gameplay)

  1. Hey guys, I’m new to this lets play stuff. I really hope you enjoy! Look
    forward to reading any feedback :-)

  2. 1. scenes/clips like when michael talks, or events happen, are ok in a
    theatrical kind of way, which makes one see the story more(Edit: also you
    never know if R* may be sneaky sneaky and stuff things in, and some eagle
    eyed viewers be like whats that..,)
    2. skipping is more for when your going for gold playlist, or walkthroughs,
    do to the time criteria in some missions, its nice if we all have seen it,
    but its not bad, but not all have time to watch,
    personally im ok with the scenes, but its up to you, hope your having a
    nice day ^-^
    btw: the one with the hunting riffle is Dave Norton, im sure you remember,
    yes, he might of shot trevor, but he didn’t he didn’t want to stick around
    long enough(cause anything else wouldn’t be part of the plan, and like
    michaels says, wrong guy got shot, things didn’t go as they should of, and
    trevor at burying the hatchet i think, with him being dead(trevor), brad in
    the pen, and michael wherever he would have been or ended up..,
    either ways, have a wonderful GTA[V/O]Experience ^-^

  3. Wow lots of people are getting butthurt over him talking over a damn cut
    scene. Calm down damn watch a different video or listen to it if you get
    it. Damn

  4. Ah yeah , about the cut scenes, let them play out. If you want to make
    comments about the cut scene while it’s going on, try not to interrupt
    anyone speaking in the game lol. 

  5. Let everything flow olli and I think you should do 2 missions in 1 episode
    because it’s a long story and longer better episodes!:)

  6. QUESTION!!!! How do we get the money? Does it come with an update file? My
    gta is updating something that’s 1.1 gb

  7. I feel like Olli is being a little excessive with “PS4” in all his titles
    and thumbnails…like we get it. Not to mention it’s not that hard to
    figure out which system he’s on. It’s just weird, that’s all. 

  8. I really hope that now that there is first person mode the add a ton of new
    scopes and lazers and cool stuff to the weapons

  9. The first person for the guns is too zoomed in for my personal liking, so
    therefor I don’t really like it.

  10. Let the cutscenes play. It would’ve been crazy if they even made the
    cutscenes first person.

  11. talk all you want over the cutscenes. it’s not a new game. and listening to
    someone go back through the story and reflect on the characters and scenes
    and the things they know come after is FAR more interesting in my opinion.
    just turn the subtitles on.

  12. You should have the cutscenes in your videos, and i dont mind you talking
    over it, sometimes there are some awesome shit in the cutscenes and i want
    to hear your reaction about it. If i wanted to hear what they are saying in
    the cutscenes i would just play the game myself. Plus there are subtitles
    so people can just read those if they want to hear what they are saying.

  13. You should keep the the cut scenes but with the subtitles running, then you
    can gab over them (I’d love to hear about your view on the humor and
    over-the-top violence of the game). In the end, it is a commentary, not a

  14. I hate how it installs because my family has bad Internet and me and my
    brothers just want to play the remastered version cause my older brother
    bought it on playstation store and its installing its on 8.74 gb out of
    46.00 gb so it’s on 11%