GTA 5 #QandASunday – Casino, Heist Weapons & GTA 5 Story Mode DLC! (GTA V)

GTA 5 #QandASunday – Casino, Heist Weapons & GTA 5 Story Mode DLC! (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 #QandASunday – Casino, Heist Weapons & GTA 5 Story Mode DLC! (GTA V)

  1. Places in GTA V that Rockstar should make accessible:
    -Los Santos International Airport
    -Maze Bank Arena
    -Maze Bank Tower
    -IAA Building
    -FIB Building
    -Casino (hopefully, DLC)
    -Story Mode Characters Houses’ (ex. Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Lester,
    Lamer, etc.)

  2. Whats the point of mansions? I would prefer to go inside an office and kill
    off cops cause if you had a mansion you would just look around once and
    thats it!

  3. i wish all buildings were accessible. just think:
    huge war going on downtown your stuck behind a bus and there is a sniper on
    a sky scraper you sprint to your left into another skyscraper, then pull
    out your shotgun clear the main floor and run through the emergency exit
    into a back alley. after that you sprint down the alley and go into another
    building through the back door. you clear the lobby catch an elevator to
    the 69th floor go into a hotel room smash the window and snipe the enemy
    sniper. ohhhh the possibilities

  4. I don’t know if this is new or old but outside the Casino entrance there’s
    a banner that says opening soon, i just noticed it. 

  5. They should have 2 dlc’s in one like in gta 4. One about Michael’s early
    life before retirement (should take place in North Yankton) and another one
    with CJ since he was supposedly to have been releated to Franklin before
    they scrapped that idea and went with something else.

  6. no shit of course he is going to upload online heist videos, why would
    anyone ask that? oh yeah guys TG here im not uploading any videos when the
    heist update comes out especially since we have been waiting on them for
    over a year.

  7. I think it could be nice if we had a Story DLC with Brad, Michael and
    Trevor in North Yankton:-D

  8. In the story mode, there are a lot of buildings and areas that have
    interiors and are only used once: the FIB building, The Maze Bank Arena,
    North Yankton, some police stations and more. I think they should allow
    access to these buildings online since they spent time and money on
    designing it to only be used once..

  9. The main thing I want for the time being is a major patch to keep people
    from timing out and disconnecting for no reason after getting in a 27 to 30
    man lobby..on the support forums they try to blame our Internet but it’s
    not us it’s their servers. Way too many people timing out to be a solid
    excuse. When I had the game on ps3 this never happened.. I could switch
    from session to session with rarely any timeouts so why now on ps4? Doesn’t
    make any sense 

  10. Do you think Rockstar will eventually put animals in gta online? I thought
    with the next gen version, it was supposed to have that…. :/

  11. Given that they made 85% of the mansions in Vinewood hills purchasable,
    What would be cool is upon purchase, you get a secret 20 car garage under
    the building. Also, in many of the backyards, theres cool activites like
    ping pong, etc. They should create a ping pong game that can be triggered
    at those tables when you buy the house, as well as fun swimming pool
    challenges or diving contests with your friends off the top of your house.
    (Like skate 2’s Hall of Meat). Just make the houses more full of life, I
    could care less if I can take a shot of whiskey or hit the bong, I’m
    literally enjoying a beer irl as im playing the game.. Basically just add
    more activities to the homes. louder sound systems, darts, ping pong, pool,

  12. I want a dlc story where you play as 3 of the lost at sea and get revenge
    on Trevor for killing Johnny…But I guess I was the only one who played
    the lost and damned so

  13. Man ive been wanting apartment customazations since september 2013! If the
    shitty graphic dc universe(still a fun game) can implement that, then why
    cant a super popular game with so much advantages over dc universe online?

    When my friend got his first high class apartment that was in a different
    location than mine i was like “yeah let me see it! Its probably bad ass”!
    But when i went in i told my friend “oww yeah, it looks good dude, you
    finally got a bad ass apartment without glitches, hazzah” 

  14. Crossbow, psh how typical. Also, plz rockstar, do not even think about
    wasting time on fake pets for online. There are tons more interesting
    things to be done.

  15. Hey tg just want to say great bids I’m a little behind right now but if you
    read this maybe you can talk about it. This refers to the question do you
    think there will be mansions? In single player Trevor is asked to go
    destroy for sale signs from one guy and that made me look closer. There are
    a lot of different for sale signs around the city and some of the houses
    are huge with big yards and everything. Anyways sorry its so long but just
    some food for thought