GTA 5 Rare Cars – FREE Customized DOMINATOR & SENTINEL XS Spawn Location Online (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Rare Cars – FREE Customized DOMINATOR & SENTINEL XS Spawn Location Online (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Rare Cars – FREE Customized DOMINATOR & SENTINEL XS Spawn Location Online (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. Not that your gunna read this or anything but is there really no leaked dlc
    info at all that u can give us

  2. Hey Dom I know you are going through a rough time with youtube and hate but
    I just wanna say ignore them and keep up the good vids cuz over all you are
    a good youtuber

  3. I wish i had a Ps4 with Gta 5, only from looking at this video i want to
    lick my lame ass samsung 3 screen.

  4. +Domislive these aren’t really “fully upgraded” per say, just upgraded with
    all of the visual upgrades. They aren’t upgraded as in full aroma, engine,
    transmission, and turbo, but, they’re upgraded “visually with the paint and
    rims and spoilers. Just FYI so you all know 

  5. Dom do u think u could put commentaries now an then I know it not ur cup of
    tea but could u plz think about it an awesome video peace

  6. I was at a car meet yesterday, and when I rolled into the parking lot, I
    saw this exact Dominator! I had no idea it was a spawned car, I thought it
    was somebody’s lol. (And Rockstar is now using modded colors in their
    spawned rare cars? Assholes…)

  7. Is it only when Simeon asks for the car because when you drive in the car
    it says get your vehicle repaired and after that respray the car

  8. I found a customised zenturno on single player by the highway near the
    beach I had just finnished a mission and found it

  9. Dom please help!! I recently transferred my GTA account from PS3 to ps4 and
    everything went smooth but I recently but the Khamelian and fully upgraded
    it but it won’t go pass 90km or miles per hour (according to the 1st
    persons speedometer) I took off the turbo but my car still couldn’t pass 90
    snd the website says that the top speed it 135 or something. Same with
    every other car on the website!! Please help 

  10. I found a fully customized Saber Turbo at LosSantos Customs outside the
    airport, it happened a few weeks or days ago and I didn’t know what to
    think of it at the time and I sold it.

  11. Dom or someone else HELP!
    Every time I look for the dominator it will not spawn I am I a muscle car
    but I don’t know what’s wrong

  12. This guy domislive posts everything icrazyteddy posts but the only
    difference is that Dom posts the video like an hour after teddys video is
    up. So pathetic. U deserved that hacking scenario or whatever the hell
    happened to u.

  13. The Sentinel XS is a rare car? I see that car on every corner. A rare car
    would a Sentinel Convertible ( what Amanda drives in Story Mode )…. And
    that car is nowhere to be found. But you can buy it for $90,000.

  14. In singleplayer i found a fully customized panto in front of los santos,
    dunno if it works online thou…

  15. what’s the point in gta online when you get fucking disconnected all the
    time even with an excellent Internet connection 

  16. Hey Dom I found a customized Sandking with even the bedcap on it in front
    of the Los Santos Customs in Blaine County near Ron’s Airfield!