GTA 5 Remote Play – PS4 / PS Vita First Person (1080p HD)

GTA 5 Remote Play – PS4 / PS Vita First Person (1080p HD)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Remote Play – PS4 / PS Vita First Person (1080p HD)

  1. I’m sure if it was possible they’d probably save it for a distant future
    release. It was released on both 360 and ps3 already. I’m sure cutting the
    polly count , draw distance and lens effects might make it possible. As
    well as maybe even using gta 4’s engine which doesn’t require much memory.
    Hell I’m still waiting for proper GTA Colectors edition from the ps2 to be
    available on the Vita.

  2. is there a way to remoteplay kingdom hearts 1.5 remix from ps3 to psvita?
    I’ll get content errors.

  3. Hey fellow gamers. We’re prepping for our next gta v installation but want
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  4. 1080p? who cares….
    besides the remoteplay remote plays to 544p on the vita… i love remote
    play but there wont be too many games that you can play remotely and have
    fun on it with a 5in 540p screen..
    i cant wait for gran turismo 7 however… playing and earning credits that
    i can rack up for playing on the console later… ahhhh i want gt7

  5. All of you Gta fans, regardless of what system you own, need to ask
    Rockstar for a Vita Gta game. We need a new portable Gta game

  6. Omg, I also thought the chick in the bikini in the loading screen was the
    reason that Lindsay Lohan was suing, but it’s actually for one of the
    Beverly side missions where you record that one actress getting anal. Lol.
    Side note I think the bikini girl looks more like Carmen Electra, or maybe
    Katie Upton. 

  7. im not sure how it works, but from what i see was…

    if the vita act as a remote to the ps4 (coding), then ps4 process the
    images/videos/animations and display it on vita, still the vita also
    process the graphics on itself but in different terms, so why does ps vita
    doesn’t have official game of gta5 instead?

    and if u know this game, well will persona 5 be on vita?
    also i was hoping vita had anti glare 

  8. i absolutely had no plans on getting a vita and never cared for it. but
    this… this makes me turn my head

  9. I never knew why R* made a first person mode. I always thought it was a
    gimmick to get people to buy next gen. But after playing on PS Vita you
    understand why. First Person Mode was made specifically for remote play.

  10. How can you play a game in the vita with ps4 graphics in remote play and
    you cant play a ps vita game with good graphics?

  11. How does everyone even do remote play without any problems? For me, no
    matter how close I am to my PS4 its always a crap connection and
    disconnects not even a minute in.

  12. What sony needs to do is release gtav for ps vita systems and stop trying
    to force us to have to buy ps4 in order to do remote play and certain

  13. And as you can see the psvita can handle the graphics so why just not
    release it for this console ask sony they make things way more difficult
    than they are