GTA 5 Secret Cars – “Duke O’ Death” (Duke of Death) (GTA V)

GTA 5 Secret Cars – “Duke O’ Death” (Duke of Death) (GTA V)

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  1. Update: If you lose or blow up this vehicle, you can buy it from the
    Warstock Cache & Carry website for a bit over $200,000 which really
    shouldn’t be a problem when you get closer to the end of the game. Cheers!

  2. I’m a returning player, I’ve transferred my 360 character to my PS4. So why
    can’t I get this or the dodo sea plane, or anything that returning players

  3. i cant find this car.
    when i go to the location the car is not there.
    i am a returning player so im fuckin confused.
    do u have to be there a certain time of the day?

  4. So I don’t have to pre order the game or anything to get this? I just have
    to get the game on my xbox one to? I already have It for the 360

  5. HELP
    OK so I did the transfer from 360 to ps4 said in game I had the new
    retuning player stuff . I can buy the monster truck online and whatnot but
    the duke o death is not there were you said and its not online on the store

  6. After i did this random event, i used this car to win the first stock car
    race as Trevor, then later on, as Franklin, i bought the grove street
    garage, and this car was in there.

  7. Dude after I used it the first time and lost it I can’t buy it or use it
    anymore.. Fucking bullshit.. Like it won’t show up on the website.. Why is
    this happening anyone? 

  8. It doesn’t show up for me.. any Idea why? Also as i started driving away
    these 2 guys in a van shot me with something and when i woke up i was
    laying on train tracks with a train coming straight towards me. After I
    jumped out of the way nothing happened.. is something else supposed/going
    to happen or was that it? and what was the point of it?

  9. Awesome car. Obviously based on the V8 intercepter from the mad max movies.
    Just wish it wasn’t a returning players exclusive. I am getting an Xbox one
    soon so it will be a while before I get a PS4 (I do want a PS4) but would
    like to get the duke of death if I decide to get it on Xbox one. Problem is
    I have GTA 5 on PS3 so if I got it on the Xbox one I wouldn’t be able to
    get the duke of death on the Xbox one version. (PS I hate console wars
    which is why I buy boath consoles) why just have one console when you can
    have all right? I have an Xbox PS3 and a PC that way I can get just about
    any game I would want. They should make the mission to unlock it’s spawning
    location a returning players exclusive but have the car for all players
    returning or new and both for online and offline story mode at the catch &
    carry website to buy. That way if you want to unlock it for free you’d have
    to be a returning player. That seems more fair to me that way everyone can
    have a chance to get this awesome car. 

  10. fuck why did my parents get the ps4 in stead the xbox 1 i could’ve get this
    badass car fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that means im not a returning player

  11. Wait so you have to make a rockstar account on the PS3 or Xbox 360 than go
    on next gen and sign into rockstar and than you have it? +sam bason 

  12. I don’t understand the concept “Returning Player”. I am a returning player,
    but I made a new profile and everything. Does this mean I can’t the Duke O’
    Death, or what?

  13. how do i store this car in trevors garage. i dont have the garage in the
    city, i have the default trevors garage. please help someone? 

  14. I wish they would add stuff like the Segway. or Long boards/Skate boards.
    there are skate parks… lol
    Maybe some demolition cars for derbies? (that would be awesome)
    but for robbing stores and running from cops, the best is the pogo stick.

  15. You forgot that the Duke o’ Death has the mass of a tow truck. You can ram
    through trucks and vans without a problem, this car is literally
    unstoppable. i had fun destroying police cars by ramming them and smashing
    them. TRY IT!

  16. If its not in online then its not a worthy reward for returning players.
    Most people in know haven’t even finished the story mode we all just play
    online its much better you get to be your own person.