GTA 5: Secret Cars – Molly’s Custom Cabrio (GTA V)

GTA 5: Secret Cars – Molly's Custom Cabrio (GTA V)

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  1. Why is this such a special car? You can just buy it on Luxury Motor Sport
    for like 185,000 dollars. 

  2. Molly Shutlz is one of the most hottest characters in GTA V, I swear who
    else thinks shes bangable?
    Anyone know where I can see hentai drawings of gta v?

  3. Hi. I am looking for Molly. I’ve been searching everywhere and I can’t find
    Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly. I’m very random 

  4. +MrBossFTW Hey Mr Boss, you should do a video with jacksepticeye because he
    is extremely funny and does GTA videos like you and most importantly his
    main catchphrase is “Like a BOSS”……….

  5. You can get the same car but in Pink…From a previous mission, where
    Franklin was chasing some actress, or something and had to take pictures of
    her, while she was handcuffed! It’s a much easier way of getting the same

  6. The point is is trying to make is that it’s fairly rare. It’s a nice car,
    but unlike Poppy’s car that Franklin can get after a similar police chase,
    her license plate is a personal license plate that says “PoppyM” I believe.
    People keep saying you can BUY it “Online” but some people are trying to
    save their money until the end for the assassination missions from Lester
    to get the most out of the Stock market. So saving money where you can

  7. I like keeping the cars you can get from other people. Like:
    Trevor getting the Old Couples’s Car (not that special of a car)
    But the Porsche he can get when stealing clothes from a guy.
    The white “Royals Royce” you get from the guy getting married (handles like
    shit though)
    Poppy Mitchell’s Car (Franklin is the only 1 who can get this)
    The Psychiatrist’s Porsche (Really at anytime. Same car as the guy you
    steal clothes from)
    There’s a few others, just none come to mind right now.

  8. MRBOSSFTW you can get that car in one of Franklin mission with the tourist
    you chase this drunk girl then you have to take pictures of her geting
    arested once you take them she will leave her car but dont leave until the
    cops get out then get on the pink car and just get out